The seven words Casey DeSantis said about her husband’s new TV ad will keep Charlie Crist up late at night

Sep 7, 2022

The Midterm Elections are coming up in two months.

Democrat Charlie Crist thinks he has what it takes to make Ron DeSantis a one-term Governor.

But the seven words Casey DeSantis said about her husband’s new TV ad will keep Charlie Crist up late at night.

Democrat voters in Florida recently selected Charlie Crist as the Party’s nominee for Governor this fall.

Crist is facing an uphill battle against DeSantis, who emerged from the pandemic as the most popular Republican elected official in America.

Not only is DeSantis leading in the polls, but he is also crushing Charlie Crist in fundraising, bringing in a record-breaking $140 million for his re-election efforts.

With two months left until the Midterm elections, DeSantis is using his war chest to launch a new TV ad in Florida highlighting his leadership during the past few years.

Casey DeSantis shared the ad on Twitter and let Floridians know that it would soon be running statewide on TV.

“Soon you will start seeing this statewide,” Casey DeSantis wrote on social media in a post sharing the new TV ad.

“Governor @RonDeSantisFL delivers results for the people of Florida. From parents to small business owners, waitresses to nurses, sheriffs to teachers . . . Floridians are grateful for the Governor’s leadership.”

The 60-second ad, which has already been viewed 2.5 million times on Twitter, features a montage of ordinary Floridians, including blue-collar workers, school-age teens, and senior citizens, all thanking Ron DeSantis for various aspects of his leadership and pro-freedom agenda over the past few years.

When other states forced businesses to shut down, Ron DeSantis kept the Sunshine State free and open during the pandemic.

“He saved our jobs,” one waitress says about DeSantis refusing to enforce lockdowns.

“And kept us going,” adds a cook.

“They tried to shut us down and you saved our business,” a car mechanic says directly to DeSantis.

“You let me go to school,” says a child featured in the ad.

A man in front of a church says DeSantis “protected our right to worship together in person.”

Aside from refusing to enforce lockdowns, DeSantis also banned masks and vaccine mandates in Florida.

“You led by facts, not fear,” one nurse says, before a firefighter adds, “and you let us decide” in reference to DeSantis’ opposition to vaccine mandates.

The ad also highlights the bill signed by DeSantis that prohibits biological males from participating in women’s sports, with a female swimmer saying “you let us compete.”

DeSantis’ new ad was well received by conservatives from all across the country.

“Ron DeSantis drops best ad I’ve seen in years, should serve as GOP’s closing argument for the midterms,” conservative commentator Steven Crowder wrote on social media.

Charlie Crist is trying to paint Ron DeSantis as one of the extremist “MAGA Republicans” Joe Biden labeled as enemies of the state.

But DeSantis’ new TV ad destroys that lie by showing ordinary people thanking the Governor for his leadership.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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