The Supreme Court just delivered Ron DeSantis a major victory when it handed down this ruling

Jun 3, 2022

Florida’s Republican Governor is having a good year.

He’s proved that sticking to principles and fighting back against the “woke” Left and the RINOs is the key to victory.

And now the Supreme Court just delivered Ron DeSantis a major victory when it handed down this ruling.

There is a very clear reason Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is so successful.

He doesn’t compromise on principle, and he doesn’t back down from the tough fights.

Even when the odds seem stacked against him he stands up for what he believes in.

He took on and beat Disney.

He took on and defeated the entire Fauci fascist medical establishment.

And just recently he took on the Democrats and many in his own party when he issued his own redistricting proposal.

The redistricting map (which DeSantis had to actually force the Republican-controlled State Legislature to approve) will likely give Republicans as many as four additional House seats in Congress.

A number of left-wing advocacy groups challenged the map in state court in April, claiming it violates anti-gerrymandering provisions in the State Constitution.

And to no one’s surprise, a lower court judge blocked the state from using the map in May while the challenge moved forward.

Then, an appeals court decided the map could be used pending a final decision by the State’s Supreme Court.

Now the Supreme Court has weighed in.

Or, rather, not weighed in, handing DeSantis a decisive victory this year.

The Florida Supreme Court declined to weigh in on the Congressional map drawn by Republican DeSantis, meaning the new district boundaries that the radical leftists claim are “discriminatory” will remain in effect for the Midterm elections.

Leftist challengers to the DeSantis plan had asked the state Supreme Court to take up the case in hopes of keeping the map from being used this fall.

But in a brief 4-1 ruling on Thursday, the court said it wouldn’t wade into the fight while the case was still under consideration in the lower courts.

The court fight was inevitable after DeSantis rejected the initial Florida legislature’s plan, which left intact a black-held Congressional seat in northern Florida, which was so ridiculously drawn it stretched across the length of northern Florida.

This was done to assure black Democrats, who made up a strong majority of Democrat primary voters in the district, would always win the seat.

DeSantis argued correctly that the seat was a racial gerrymander that violated the U.S. Constitution, while state lawmakers, including some Republicans, had pushed to keep it somewhat intact in an effort to supposedly comply with state “anti-gerrymandering” rules.

Interestingly, it is DeSantis who fixed what was arguably one of the most ridiculously drawn and clearly gerrymandered districts in the country.

And once again this victory shows it is DeSantis who is leading the way in showing conservatives how to fight, and win, on issues that matter.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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