This 12-year-old boy’s letter to Ron DeSantis will warm your heart and put a big smile on your face

Dec 15, 2022

Joe Biden’s FEMA rejected a request for federal aide Ron DeSantis submitted in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Not willing to let Biden get in the way of recovery efforts, DeSantis allocated money from the state and also raised private donations to cover the funds rejected by FEMA.

And this 12-year-old boy’s letter to Ron DeSantis will warm your heart and put a big smile on your face.

Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida’s southwest coast at the end of September as a Category 4 storm and left a path of destruction across large portions of the state, leaving dozens dead and billions of dollars worth of property damaged or destroyed.

Thanks to Ron DeSantis’ leadership, power was restored and severely damaged roads and bridges were repaired within a matter of days.

Floridians are still recovering from the damage inflicted by Ian.

But they’re doing it without full assistance from the Biden administration.

After FEMA denied one of the requests for federal disaster relief funds DeSantis submitted to the federal government, the Governor held a press conference and announced that the funding would be provided with state money and private donations.

So far the effort is a major success, with the Florida Disaster Fund raising more than $60 million to help with recovery in communities impacted by Ian.

Casey DeSantis spearheaded the Disaster Fund.

“It has been heartwarming to witness individuals and organizations come together from all over the country to generously help Floridians rebuild and recover,” she said.

“The $60 million raised reflects the graciousness and incredible commitment from good people to provide relief and hope,” she continued, before adding that “as we continue to target funds to maximize the impact of these donations in Southwest Florida, we could not be more grateful for the outpouring of support that makes these efforts possible.”

But on Wednesday, Casey DeSantis had some very heart-warming information to share about the Disaster Fund.

According to Casey DeSantis, a young second grader from California sold lemonade to raise donations for the Florida Disaster Fund and included a letter to the Governor along with the funds he raised.

“Dear Governor, I am sorry about the hurricane here is my $$$ from my Lemonade stand,” the boy wrote.

Casey DeSantis posted a photo of the boy and the letter he wrote on social media.

“A sweet second grader from California donated the proceeds from his lemonade stand to the Florida Disaster Fund,” Casey DeSantis wrote on Twitter. “We appreciate your generosity & kind heart, Ace – thank you! We are truly grateful for the outpouring of support from across the US to help Floridians affected by Ian.”

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