This 66-year-old Florida man handled a carjacker in one way that would make Mike Tyson proud

Jul 8, 2024

Car thefts soared to more than one-million in 2022 for the first time in 14 years.

Law enforcement recovered more than 85 percent of the vehicles stolen in 2022.

But this 66-year-old Florida man handled a carjacker in one way that would make Mike Tyson proud.

Motor vehicle theft has emerged as a major problem in recent years. 

Today, a motor vehicle is stolen every 32 seconds in the United States, making it the third most common property crime in America.

And it is a crime that more teenagers are committing. 

In 2022, 12 percent of offenders were teenagers. 

California, Texas, and Florida are the three states with the highest overall number of vehicles stolen last year.

But one Florida man recently avoided having his truck stolen in a move that would make Mike Tyson proud.

On Thursday, the Brevard County Sheriff’s office received a 911 call from a citizen who wanted to report a crime.

The citizen told the authorities that he heard someone outside of his residence.

When he went outside, he found 29-year-old Blake Robinson attempting to break into his truck.

The man rushed inside to grab his phone and call law enforcement, but the situation went south when he returned and confronted the would-be thief.

“Our victim went to locate his phone so he could call law enforcement, and when he came back outside to confront Robinson, he was attacked and hit in the head before being thrown to the ground,” Brevard County Sheriff’s Office wrote. 

Robinson kicked the victim in the head.

But it did not phase the 66-year-old victim.

Instead, he got up off the ground and delivered a knock-out punch to the would-be thief.

“Despite then being kicked in the head by Robinson, the victim was able to defend himself and hit Robinson, causing him to fall back, so that he could get away!!” the Sheriff’s Office reported. 

The Sheriff reported that the victim “got manhandled by a 66-year-old man.”

“Deputies arrived on scene and were able to quickly detain Robinson, who was seemingly having a tough time getting up off of the ground, after getting his butt whipped by a 66-year-old man!!” Sheriff Wayne Ivey wrote on Facebook.

Robinson was arrested and locked up in the county jail.

“As for Robinson, he was fortunate enough to be in Brevard County where he won a few prizes for being stupid including a chauffeured ride to a local medical facility to check his injuries before arriving at his less than luxurious accommodations at ‘Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge!!’” Ivey wrote. “At the lodge he was given a freshly washed 2 piece ensemble to get comfortable in, before being shown to his sleeping area in our open floor plan.”

Robinson was charged with felony battery of a person over the age of 65 and attempted burglary of a conveyance. 

He was booked in the Brevard County Jail on a $30,000 bond.

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