This child sex crime arrest just turned Ron DeSantis’ life upside down

Jun 24, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is once again in the spotlight.

But now it’s for a reason no one saw coming.

And that’s because this child sex crime arrest just turned Ron DeSantis’ life upside down.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Bill to prevent teachers from indoctrinating children into the transgender lifestyle by banning sexually inappropriate lessons in grades K-3.

Supporters said this was necessary to stop teachers from “grooming” children into declaring themselves transgenders.

Many on the Left shrieked in outrage.

One of those critics was a Hawaii teacher named Alden Bunag.

Bunag ranted on social media about the bill accusing its supporters of being bigots.

At one point Bunag dismissed supporters of the bill as lunatics who think teachers just show children porn all day.

Conservative commentator Pedro Gonzalez wrote in Newsweek:

On Twitter, Bunag attacked a user who argued that Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which prohibits teaching sexual orientation and gender identity topics to children, protects minors from “groomers.” On April 6, he replied: “You’re f**king acting like we want to show kids porn or something, but something I’ve learned through the years is that whenever right-wingers accuse others of something, it’s DEFINITELY because they’re projecting.” Bunag also claimed that only “pedos” would want to keep kids “ignorant about sex,” to make them naïve and thus susceptible to predation. He was adamant about the necessity of children interacting with “gender/sexuality” topics in the classroom.

It turns out Bunag had a dark side.

Federal agents arrested Bunag for allegedly exchanging explicit messages with a Philadelphia teacher showing young children engaging in sexual acts.

Gonzalez added that Bunag was the “quintessential groomer” and stood out as an example of why Florida’s Parental Bill of Rights in Education was so necessary writing:

Federal agents confirmed Bunag’s identity and approached him at work on June 15. It didn’t take much to break the dam — he confessed fluidly during a voluntary interview. “Bunag claimed to have sex with [the boy] at the school during lunch breaks,” prosecutors said. He described “[the boy] as a former student and knew that he was a minor at the time.” Bunag also admitted to distributing child pornography involving other underage victims and sent at least one video of himself having sex with the boy to Wolf.

Bunag used his position in the community to disarm suspicion and win the trust of victims and their families. He is the quintessential groomer — a term, of course, he met with anger and outrage online.

Every time the left picks a fight with Ron DeSantis it blows up in their faces.

One of the keys to Ron DeSantis’ political rise is having the good fortune to have the right enemies.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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