This Donald Trump verbal slip could be his most damaging moment yet

Nov 14, 2023

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Donald Trump.

The ultra-confident and witty comeback king of old has begun to show signs it’s all getting to him.

But this Trump verbal slip could be his most damaging moment yet.

Trump forgets a world leader

Communist China is a serious threat to the United States – but Donald Trump doesn’t even remember the name of China’s President.

Having skipped the Presidential debate for a third time because he’s too afraid to face DeSantis, Trump spoke to a crowd in Florida hoping to appear resilient.

Except when he went to knock China’s communist leader Xi Jinping – Trump fumbled and mixed him up with North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un.

“The press hates it when I say they’re (Vladimir Putin and Kim) smart. Well, what am I supposed to say? They’re stupid people?” Trump said.

“Kim Jong-un leads 1.4 billion people,” Trump told the Florida crowd.

Of course, Trump was actually talking about China, but forgot Xi Jinping’s name.

Unlike China’s 1.4 billion people – North Korea is much smaller with around 25 million.

Trump’s mishaps are gold for leftists – and DeSantis

Every time Trump makes a public mistake – leftists jump at the opportunity to name yet another reason why Trump is unfit for office.

What’s even more humiliating for Trump is – he was the one who led the campaign to blast Biden for his cognitive decline – and now the same exact thing is happening to him.

In fact, Biden and Trump are sounding more and more alike these days.

DeSantis thinks so too – and his campaign continues to seize the moment to document Trump’s continued liability.

A continued streak of political mishaps and errors

What’s even more troubling – is this is not the first time Trump has fumbled his words.

Not even close.

In fact, he’s done it so much, the DeSantis campaign started the ‘Trump Accident Tracker’ to see how long Trump can go without making a mistake.

Andrew Romeo, a spokesperson for the DeSantis campaign said, “To highlight the liability that Trump is for his own campaign and remind the American people of the liability he would be in the Oval Office, we will now be keeping a daily record of how long Trump can go without causing an accident on the job,” The Hill reported.

Trump may spend his days threatening DeSantis to drop out if he ever wants a political future – but if Donald Trump doesn’t get it together soon – his own political career is sure to be over.

Voters want a leader who has their act together – not a candidate that doesn’t even know what city or state he is in or which world dictator belongs in which country.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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