This epic video compilation of leftists freaking out over Ron DeSantis revealed a shocking secret

Aug 15, 2023

Ron DeSantis could be the next presidential nominee – and leftists are having a full-blown meltdown.

They know if DeSantis is in charge – he’ll destroy their woke agenda for good.

And this epic video compilation of leftists freaking out over Ron DeSantis revealed a shocking secret.

Ron DeSantis is labeled “more dangerous” than Donald Trump

The Left doesn’t like Donald Trump . . .

. . . but they also don’t think he can win.

So while they’ll take a few cheap shots at Trump here and there – they aren’t really focused on him.

But Ron DeSantis is another story.

Collectively, leftists have expressed their fear of a President DeSantis – calling him “far more dangerous than Donald Trump.”

A disgruntled Rosie O’Donnell said DeSantis was “like the worst version of Trump.”

Another leftist claimed DeSantis was so dangerous because he could actually get done all of the things Trump merely promised.

“Smarter than Trump”

In the incredible compilation of leftists freaking out over DeSantis, multiple people claimed they feared DeSantis because he is “smarter than Trump” calling Trump “incompetent.”

“Ron DeSantis is a dangerous person and would be a dangerous President” trembled one leftist.

He’s a more “disciplined extremist” quivered another.

“The most right-wing, edgelord person you’ve ever seen on the internet” that “makes Donald Trump seem kind of chill” another woman proclaimed.

“The prince of darkness”

This epic clip is full of leftists expressing their outrage at the idea of a President DeSantis – calling him things like the “prince of darkness” stating he would “work in the shadows” to accomplish everything Trump wanted to get done – but couldn’t.

And the video wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Joe Biden saying how “sinful” DeSantis’ actions were in Florida by signing the life-saving Heartbeat Act into law.

As hilarious as this video is – it reveals one thing conservatives have been saying for months – DeSantis is a viable threat.

The unholy alliance has an uphill battle

Donald Trump and pro-Trump Super PACS may have dropped $26 million to take down DeSantis . . .

. . . and establishment RINOS will continue to take their cheap shots at him hoping to discredit him.

And of course, the left-wing media will continue to freak out and be “triggered” by DeSantis rock-solid campaign promises – that they know he’ll actually fulfill.

But while this unholy alliance is all unified to bring down DeSantis – they’ve got an uphill battle ahead.

Ron DeSantis is laser-focused on restoring America back to its founding roots – and he won’t be bullied or silenced by those trying to take him out.

If anything, the attacks motivate him to work harder and serve as an encouragement to the entire DeSantis campaign that their strategy must be working – or others wouldn’t waste their time trying to bring him down.

For your viewing pleasure and enjoyment, please check out the video compilation of hysteric liberals losing their minds over the idea of a President DeSantis below.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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