This Florida man went to the top of a Manhattan skyscraper and caused all hell to break loose down below

Jun 26, 2024

Florida is known for its prevalence of people exhibiting irrational or maniacal behavior.

But Florida people can act this way when visiting other states as well.

And this Florida man went to the top of a Manhattan skyscraper and caused all hell to break loose down below.

Over the past couple of years, New York residents have been packing up their belongings and relocating to Ron DeSantis’ oasis of freedom in Florida.

In 2022, over 545,000 people moved out of New York.

Over 91,000 of these New Yorkers relocated to Florida.

But one Florida man recently made the 1,266 mile trip from West Park, Florida to Manhattan, New York.

And he gave New Yorkers a first-hand look at how wild people in Florida sometimes act.

John Olivier, a 33-year-old, went to Manhattan to visit the Consulate General of Haiti to register a complaint about housing.

Once he entered the building, Olivier decided to “unlawfully” make his way to the outdoor terrace located at the top of the skyscraper.

But Olivier did not climb to the top to get an aerial view of the city.

Instead, he started throwing chairs and planks of wood off the top of the 20-story building.

“Witnesses captured the man on camera as he threw a wooden chair over the edge, before it smashed into the scaffolding below as pedestrians scrambled to safety,” the New York Post reported. “Following the chair, Olivier continued to throw what looked like planks of wood and what appeared to be a chunk of concrete,” the Post continued. “The objects were seen drifting through the sky, carried by the wind, in the video that has since gone viral.”

All hell broke loose down below when chairs and planks of wood started falling from the top of the building.

The chair smashed into an oncoming bus.

“I saw a lot of looking, panicking, and police coming,” vendor Modibo Cissoko told the Post. “I wasn’t here when it started but that’s what I saw.”

Police eventually found Olivier, who was arrested and charged with burglary, trespassing, reckless endangerment, and criminal mischief.

But this is New York City.

And after his arraignment on June 18 where he pleaded guilty, Olivier was released without bail on the promise to return to court on July 15.

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