This MSNBC host launched into a disgusting tirade about Ron DeSantis that will have you seeing red

May 22, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is protecting children from woke left-wing groomers.

The left-wing media is fuming at DeSantis.

But this MSNBC host launched into a disgusting tirade about Ron DeSantis that will have you seeing red.

The left-wing media attacking and smearing Ron DeSantis is nothing new.

DeSantis has been a target of the media ever since he rejected Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s lockdown orders.

But the media took their smears to a new level after Ron DeSantis waged war on the woke agenda in Florida.

DeSantis signed numerous anti-woke bills into law this session.

On Thursday, MSNBC host Chris Hayes used a segment of his show, All In, to rant and rave about one new law in Florida that makes it illegal to mutilate young children.

“Ron DeSantis’s dystopian, authoritarian vision is most apparent in the legislation he just signed yesterday,” Hayes said in reference to DeSantis banning child mutilation in Florida. “It bans all gender-affirming care for all minors in Florida, everyone 18 or younger,” Hayes continued, before adding that the “law also empowers state courts to change custody agreements if a child is receiving or is at risk of receiving gender-affirming care.”

“Meaning taking a kid away from a parent,” he added.

Of course, by so-called “gender-affirming care,” what Hayes really means is performing life-altering sex-change operations or giving puberty blockers and hormones to young children after woke leftists brainwash them into believing they are “misgendered.”

After a woke leftist brainwashes a 12-year-old boy into believing he is a girl, Hayes supports allowing a doctor to cut off the boy’s genitals, an irreversible procedure.

Hayes accused DeSantis of infringing on parental rights by allegedly “telling parents how they can or cannot raise their own children.”

The left-wing host called DeSantis a hypocrite for opposing mask and vaccine mandates but not supporting so-called “gender-affirming care.”

“Now, the sick irony here, the one that I just can’t get over and really kind of sticks with me, is that the right-wing movement that gave us this new law signed yesterday is the very same group of people that screamed about parental rights for years amidst the pandemic,” Hayes ranted.

Of course, Hayes’ accusation is nonsense.

Ron DeSantis only banned masks and vaccine mandates, giving parents the choice on both of these matters.

Stopping a parent from sexually abusing a child is not infringing on their parental rights.

And neither is preventing parents and doctors from mutilating young children with life-altering sex-change operations and hormone treatments.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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