This MSNBC host showed just how clueless she is by blaming gerrymandering for DeSantis’ win

Nov 23, 2022

The corporate-controlled media continues to astound with stupidity.

They’ve become so partisan they can’t even research basic facts.

And this MSNBC host showed just how clueless she is by blaming gerrymandering for DeSantis’ win.

Just when Americans think the corporate-controlled media has sunk as far as it can, they take it to a new low.

Part of the problem is they have become nothing more than the P.R. arm of the Democrat Party.

But their clear hatred of all things conservative doesn’t explain the utter stupidity of their reports.

Recently ‘Vote Latino’ President María Teresa Kumar appeared on MSNBC’s Velshi show to argue that gerrymandering was a major factor in Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reelection.

She made this bizarre claim despite the fact that DeSantis ran statewide – meaning gerrymandering doesn’t even apply.

Kumar was appearing as a guest host on the MSNBC show that had a panel discussing former President Trump’s effect on the Republican Party.

But, since the Left now sees Ron DeSantis as a bigger threat to them, the conversation soon switched to DeSantis as a likely successor to Trump.

That’s when Kumar made her idiotic claim that his success, even in Florida, is not due to DeSantis’ incredible record as Governor, but because he “gerrymandered” the Sunshine State.

Kumar asked, “Is Ron DeSantis Trump 2.0? And a lot of people are asking this question, but one of the things that has been underreported is the fact that Ron DeSantis, yes, he won, but he highly gerrymandered the state of Florida and oftentimes, people say, ‘well, that was, you know, he was a statewide office.’ But gerrymandering has the impact of chilling potential voters for the opposite side of going out and voting. There’s no way he could gerrymander himself across 50 states. What would be his pathway?”

That’s right, even as she gave her explanation, she realized how dumb it was and tried to explain it anyway.

And not surprisingly the panel agreed with her totally false assessment.

Not surprisingly the now disgraced Lincoln Project had a seat on the panel, and weighed in on the discussion by agreeing with Kumar.

“Well, he also can’t gerrymander himself political charisma or retail politics either,” the Lincoln Project’s senior advisor Tara Setmayer joked.

“You said it!” Kumar responded.

Gerrymandering of course, is the process of drawing electoral districts in a way that benefits one political party.

While this can, and does, have an effect on Congressional races, and even state legislative races, gubernatorial elections are statewide campaigns and are completely unaffected by district lines.

But as we’ve stated many times before here on DeSantis Daily, facts and truth have no place in today’s corporate-controlled media.

And leave it to a Lincoln Project spokesman to double down on the stupidity.

“Yes, gerrymandering was an issue. It was also an issue in New York for the Democrats. It’s something I think is part of our electoral reforms we need to look at moving forward, to help open up the system that seems to be a danger to the system, that encourages more extreme candidates in some places. That’s a whole different set of issues, talking about gerrymandering and primary reform. But it’s something that should be on the table,” Setmayer said.

She then tried to argue that DeSantis would not have a chance in an election outside Florida.

DeSantis easily crushed his Democrat opponent Charlie Crist by nearly 20 points and over 1.5 million votes.

This was a huge improvement from DeSantis’ 2018 victory over Andrew Gillum when he won by only 33,000 votes.

Even more telling, DeSantis made history as the first GOP candidate to win the overwhelmingly Hispanic Miami-Dade County in 20 years.

And despite what MSNBC’s panel of jokers want to believe, DeSantis is, in fact, wildly popular around the country and is perceived as the main challenger to Donald Trump for the Presidential nomination.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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