This NYT interview just upended the 2024 Presidential race

Nov 21, 2023

Many Americans ignore politics almost entirely until a Presidential election rolls around.

But with the calendar flipping over in a matter of weeks, one announcement may already be the 2024 bombshell that changes everything.

Because this NYT interview just upended the 2024 Presidential race.

During a 2012 interview with The New York Times, Haley was asked why more women her age aren’t involved in high level politics.

Haley stated the reason was simply because women don’t run – admitting that the political challenge isn’t “too hard.”

She then went on to credit Hillary Clinton as a motivation to run for office.

“The reason I actually ran for office is because of Hillary Clinton,” Haley said.

“Everybody was telling me why I shouldn’t run: I was too young, I had small children, I should start at the school board level,” continued Haley.

“I went to Birmingham University, and Hillary Clinton was the keynote speaker on a leadership institute, and she said that when it comes to women running for office, there will be everybody that tells you why you shouldn’t but that’s all the reasons why we need you to do it, and I walked out of there thinking “That’s it. I’m running for office,” said Haley.

Of course, Haley is playing her “I’m a woman card” hoping by channeling Hillary Clinton, it will make her more approachable with moderate voters.

Haley credits Hillary Clinton as her political inspiration

Born as Nimarata Nikki Randhawa, Nikki Haley doesn’t often talk about her roots and what motivated her to get involved in politics.

While she previously admitted that women have just as much of a chance as men to get elected – now she is playing the victim card – claiming that because she’s a woman it’s “too hard” to get elected.

Vivek Ramaswamy is quick to call out Haley’s horrific political track record . . .

. . . but Haley hopes to steer the attention away from her failed politics and claim Vivek is only attacking her because he has a “girl problem.”

Of course, that is absurd.

Ramaswamy is attacking her like every other candidate – because she is a RINO Republican who campaigns as a conservative only when she finds it politically advantageous.

Who is the real Nikki Haley?

Nikki Haley’s obsession with her being the only female candidate in this race will backfire bigtime.

Conservatives reject identity politics.

They don’t care if a candidate is a woman, man, black, or white . . .

. . . as long as they are the best person for the job to beat President Joe Biden.

But Haley hopes by throwing liberal pro-abortion women a bone she’ll get more votes – but all she’s doing is irritating conservative women voters.

Haley’s feminist kick will backfire

Every time Nikki Haley opens her mouth – it is the gift that keeps on coming to the DeSantis campaign.

And once the clip gets out of her admiration for Hillary Clinton – it’s all over for Nikki Haley.

Have you seen the clip where Nikki Haley channels Hillary Clinton as her inspiration?

If not, you can watch it here below.

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