This one Democrat candidate just teamed up with a group of Never-Trumpers to help her defeat Ron DeSantis

Mar 17, 2022

Ron DeSantis is facing his first re-election for Governor in November.

Democrats are desperate to take down DeSantis.

And now this one Democrat candidate just teamed up with a group of Never-Trumpers to help her defeat Ron DeSantis.

Former Governor Charlie Crist and Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried are the top two Democrats running in the upcoming Primary for the chance to take on Ron DeSantis this fall.

The latest polls show Ron DeSantis handedly defeating both Crist and Fried in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup.

Not only that, but DeSantis is also crushing the Democrats in fundraising, raising nearly $100 million for his re-election campaign over the past year.

But the Democrats see the same polls as DeSantis.

And unless they can somehow drastically change public perception, they know they’re headed for a beating in November.

However, Democrat Nikki Fried believes she found a way to defeat Ron DeSantis this fall.

And that’s by hiring former staffers from the disgraced Lincoln Project.

“Help me welcome @KeithEdwards, @BenjaminjKirby, and @carokorba to our team! Give them a follow!” Fried wrote on Twitter.

“These experienced, talented individuals demonstrate our commitment to the people of Florida, and our determination to deliver results for Floridians on Day 1. We’re on our way to a victory in August and preparing for the General in November,” said a spokesperson for Fried’s campaign.

Of course, Keith Edwards previously served as Communications Director for the disgraced Lincoln Project, before leaving to work on far-Left Democrat Jon Ossoff’s 2020 Senate campaign.

The Lincoln Project is a group founded by Jon Weaver, who previously served as the chief strategist for RINOs such as John Kasich and John McCain.

During the 2020 Presidential election, the Lincoln Project ran ads nationwide using the millions of dollars they raised from Never-Trumpers and Democrats.

But Jon Weaver resigned after news surfaced that Weaver, who is also married with children, spent the past decade or more sexually harrassing underage boys in an attempt to groom them for a sexual relationship.

Weaver was even caught sending messages to a 14-year-old boy.

Staffers at the Lincoln Project, which included Keith Edwards, claimed they had no knowledge of Weaver’s disgusting behavior.

But the Associated Press reported that the group’s leaders were told about 10 allegations of sexual harrasment made against Weaver both in writing and in follow-up phone calls.

The fact that Nikki Fried is now hoping to defeat DeSantis by enlisting the help of former staffers for the disgraced Lincoln Project only shows how terrified they are about the upcoming elections.

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