Tom Brady made one confession about living in Florida that took Ron DeSantis by surprise

Jun 25, 2024

Tom Brady became one of the most famous athletes on the planet playing in New England.

Now, like many retirees, he has moved down to Florida. 

And Tom Brady made one confession about living in Florida that took Ron DeSantis by surprise.

Tom Brady loving retirement living in Florida

Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady spent 20 seasons playing for the New England Patriots before he left after the 2019 season as a free agent to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The legendary quarterback navigated the cold winter weather of Foxborough, Massachusetts with ease during the playoffs with the Patriots during his two decades with the team.

Brady spent five years playing college football at the University of Michigan. 

After spending so much of his football career in cold northern climates, he is living full-time in South Florida with his family.

Brady told People that he is loving life in Florida during his retirement.

“The quality of life in Florida is just really nice,” Brady said. “It’s all the outdoor activities that I love the most. Being on the water is great. I live on a golf course, and I love just being able to get out there, even if it’s for 20 minutes, just chipping a few balls.”

The former Patriot has three kids and Florida has been great for them too.

“I have to be really active,” Brady joked. “I’m still like a 14-year-old boy, I’ve just got all this energy, so I’ll just go hit a few shots on the course, and then come home and swim in the pool, and then work out, and then the kids come home, and we play volleyball in the backyard.”

He returned to Foxborough to have his number 12 jersey retired and to be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame.

Brady was asked if he missed the weather living in New England. 

“There’s some good months up here for sure,” Brady said, adding that the weather was perfect for his induction ceremony.

Tom Brady is still working out like an elite athlete

Brady said on a podcast this offseason that he still trains at a high level and would be ready to go if a team reached out to him about playing quarterback.

The future Hall of Famer said that training became a part of his life after doing it for so long.

“I had 28 years of really intense physical conditioning, so that never gets too far away from me,” Brady explained.

“My physical body is so important to me,” Brady continued. “I relied on it so long to perform, and I still do because I love being active.”

And it is something he enjoys doing with his kids.

“So, it’s like when I’m with my kids, I want to be skiing with them,” Brady added. “I want to be on the boards, I want to be surfing with them. I want to golf, and if my son wants to go play basketball, I want to go play basketball with him.”

Tom Brady is living his best life in Florida as a retiree like many other residents of the Sunshine State.

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