Trump flipped his wig after he was shown one photo that spells a major disaster for his 2024 campaign

Oct 27, 2023

A picture is worth a thousand words.

But the latest picture to surface of Donald Trump has proven to be a major campaign problem.

And now Donald Trump flipped his wig after he viewed one photo of himself that spells a major disaster for his 2024 campaign.

A lackluster turnout for Trump

Trump insists he’s got the Republican nomination in the bag and boasts about how many people turn out at events to support him.

But the latest photo in New Hampshire shows a much different reality that Trump refuses to accept.

Trump officially filed for the Republican New Hampshire Primary – and a shocking photo showed only a handful of supporters who showed up.

Chris Ryan wrote on X, “Trump has the smallest crowd for a filing of any major Presidential candidate I’ve ever seen. It’s not even a crowd, it’s a gathering.”

Trump used his time in NH to bash DeSantis

Of course, right after he filed, Trump took an opportunity to bash DeSantis.

“DeSanctus is really going down it looks like,” Trump said as he mocked DeSantis’ name.

“I just looked at another poll that came out and he was in third place,” Trump continued.

“And uh, he’s another one whereas I call him Ron DeSanctimonious he was in fifth place, so bad things are happening but we keep going up,” Trump continued.

Trump’s obsession with taking down Ron DeSantis doesn’t seem to be slowing down, which means deep down Trump knows DeSantis is a true threat.

Even though Trump is ahead in the polls, as DeSantis pointed out, polls don’t vote.

Trump thinks he’s already won

Trump is so confident he will win the Republican nomination – he told New Hampshire voters outrageous statements like “You don’t need to vote,” and “Don’t worry about voting, we’ve got plenty of votes.”

But does Trump have enough votes to win?

According to the embarrassing photo of the small gathering that showed up when Trump filed in New Hampshire – it doesn’t look that way.

Perhaps Trump’s arrogance will be the final nail in his political coffin.

But even if he does win the Republican nomination, the polls already show Biden destroying him.

Meanwhile, favorable polls show Ron DeSantis is the candidate that can beat Biden in key swing states.

And as the Trump campaign continues to try and hide their lackluster support, DeSantis is focused on hitting the ground and running a grassroots operation.

Trump may hope voters will forget his past failed campaign promises and vote for him anyway, but it seems as if DeSantis has enough momentum to pull Trump voters to support his campaign instead.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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