Trump’s attacks on Republican Governors in early Primary states are about to come back and bite him

Aug 14, 2023

Since before DeSantis even announced his candidacy, he has faced vicious attacks from Donald Trump.

But DeSantis is far from the only Republican Trump has gone after.

Now Trump’s attacks on Republican Governors in early Primary states are about to come back and bite him.

When seeking the Republican nomination for President, the last thing you want to do is alienate Republican voters in early voting states.

But Trump has done just that.

While DeSantis has so far held back against Trump, the Super PAC backing him, Never Back Down, has taken off the gloves.

The Super PAC just launched a pair of ads blasting Trump for attacking the popular Republican Governors of Iowa and New Hampshire.

The ads feature Trump attacking Governors Kim Reynolds and Chris Sununu, followed by DeSantis saying, “That is not the way we win as Republicans. The way you win as Republicans is to unite Republicans.”

The first ad features Trump attacking Governor Reynolds for remaining neutral in the Primary, which has long been a tradition among Iowa Governors, while claiming she owes her election victories to his support.

Governor Reynolds has followed DeSantis’ lead on key issues.

Like DeSantis, she rejected the COVID tyranny being pushed by Dr. Fauci.

Reynolds, like DeSantis, also recently signed into law a ban on abortion after six weeks.

Trump angered Pro-Lifers when he criticized DeSantis for signing the ban into law, claiming it was “too harsh.”

The second ad featured clips of Trump calling New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu “nasty” and “a little bit cuckoo.”

While Sununu is a RINO and certainly more deserving of criticism than Reynolds, he is very popular in New Hampshire, and personal attacks against him won’t go over well with New Hampshire Republicans.

Sununu is currently serving his 4th term as Governor of the New England swing state, and in 2022 received the support of 78% of New Hampshire Republican Primary voters.

Never Back Down has so far spent $16.7 million in addition to running on the ground operations in early Primary states.

And the PAC is well positioned to continue to make Trump eat his words.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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