Trump’s Iowa team turned ghost white when this news about Melania Trump and Casey DeSantis hit

Oct 25, 2023

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis may be enemies in the 2024 Presidential Primary battle.

But everyone expected their wives to keep things clean as they have thus far.

Nevertheless Trump’s Iowa team turned ghost white when this news about Melania Trump and Casey DeSantis hit.

Melania Trump and Casey DeSantis have more in common than most realize.

And they share one similarity that speaks volumes to their character.

The 2024 Republican Presidential Primary race is heating up as the January 15 Iowa Caucus grows closer by the day.

Polls show Donald Trump continues to hold a massive lead over the rest of the field, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley running neck and neck for a distant second.

Ron DeSantis is placing all his chips on the early state of Iowa with an aggressive campaign strategy that has him on pace to visit all 99 counties in the Hawkeye State.

DeSantis frequently campaigns alongside his wife, Casey, who sometimes even holds solo events for her husband.

But Melania Trump has taken a step back from the public limelight and is mostly absent from the 2024 campaign trail.

However, over the summer it was reported that Melania Trump “expressed curiosity about Casey DeSantis” in private.

Melania Trump and Casey DeSantis have both been the subject of negative coverage and have both seen their husbands wrongfully vilified by the media.

One left-wing media site even referred to Casey DeSantis as “Walmart Melania” in one attack article.

Casey DeSantis said she considered being mentioned in the same sentence as Melania a “win for me.”

“If I’m in the same sentence with Melania, that’s a win for me,” she said, before adding that she does “shop at Walmart because you know how quickly our kids grow out of clothes when they’re six, five, and three.” 

But Melania Trump and Casey DeSantis also share an admirable desire to help children and families in need.

“While this partnership isn’t through the Courage to Be Free author’s wife, it did make people see another similarity: she and Melania, while in the public eye as the wives of politicians, used their role to focus on programs based around children and families,” Yahoo News reported.

“On Oct 19, DeSantis spoke at the New College of Florida, where she announced the partnership between the college and the Florida Department of Children and Families,” Yahoo News continued, before adding that “when Melania was the First Lady, she worked with children and families.”

Casey DeSantis has always made prioritizing children and families a key part of her role as First Lady of Florida.

Melania Trump did the same as First Lady of the United States.

And while their husband’s may be slugging it out on the campaign trail, the similarities between their wives cannot go unnoticed.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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