Twitter users made one top Democrat operative instantly regret what he said about Ron DeSantis’ shoes

Feb 17, 2023

Democrats and the media spent the past two years attacking Ron DeSantis.

With their attacks failing, some Democrats are acting out in desperation.

And Twitter users made one top Democrat operative instantly regret what he said about Ron DeSantis’ shoes.

Ron DeSantis has been a top enemy of the Democrats and the left-wing media ever since he refused to follow Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s lockdown orders and mandates.

During the pandemic, the media made up numerous lies about DeSantis.

They nicknamed him “Ron DeathSantis” and claimed his pro-freedom policies would lead to tens of thousands of deaths across the Sunshine State.

When DeSantis banned Critical Race Theory from the curriculum, the media attacked and smeared him as a “racist” and a “fascist” trying to erase black history.

And when he signed a bill prohibiting teachers from grooming children in kindergarten through third grade into the Left’s transgender and homosexual lifestyle, they accused him of waging war on the LGBT community.

Of course, their attacks failed to stop DeSantis or damage him politically.

Instead, the attacks seemed to make him stronger, as the Governor sailed to a 19-point landslide re-election victory over Charlie Crist in the Midterm elections.

But Democrats are still determined to take down Ron DeSantis.

And one top Democrat political operative just attempted to attack DeSantis over his shoes.

American Bridge President and Democrat opposition researcher Pat Dennis posted a series of DeSantis on Twitter and accused him of wearing “high-heeled” boots.

“Ron DeSantis consistently wears high-heeled boots in order to appear taller,” Dennis tweeted with photos of DeSantis.

“Rubio also did this, famously, and it became a major line of attack against him in the 2016 primary,” Dennis wrote in a follow-up comment. “Silly? Sorry buddy, this is the game as it is played.”

However, Twitter users quickly made the Democrat regret the attack by pointing out the fact that DeSantis was simply wearing cowboy boots.

“Tell me you’ve never seen cowboy boots without telling me,” Republican communicator Matt Whitlock wrote. “Touch some grass.”

“When does the impeachment begin, Pat?” Townhall columnist Brad Slager wrote. “Calling basic Durangos ‘high-heeled boots’ is possibly the ultimate ‘go touch grass’ moment.”

“City boy doesn’t understand Southern style,” reporter Jim Stinson tweeted.

“While we’re talking about weird guys, I ran across someone yesterday who thought these were called ‘high-heeled boots’” while posting a photo of cowboy boots,” another Twitter user wrote.

Democrat Pat Dennis tried to attack DeSantis as short by making an underhanded comment about his shoes.

But conservatives quickly ridiculed Dennis and made the Democrat operative regret his sleazy attack.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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