Two hecklers tried to shut down Ron DeSantis in Iowa and he made them instantly regret it

Aug 14, 2023

The Iowa State Fair kicked off on Thursday in Des Moines.

The State Fair is an important event for Republican Presidential hopefuls.

But two hecklers tried to shut down Ron DeSantis in Iowa and he made them instantly regret it.

The Iowa Caucuses are scheduled to take place on January 15.

Since the Presidential Primary begins with the Iowa Caucuses, the Hawkeye State is a top priority for Republican candidates on the campaign trail.

On Thursday, former Vice President Mike Pence participated in a “fair-side chat” with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

The crowd was full of Donald Trump supporters who berated Pence for refusing to “stand by President Trump” and for allegedly committing “treason on January 6.”

“Look, let me take you to January 20, 2017,” Pence told the heckler. “I put my left hand on Ronald Reagan’s Bible and I raised my right hand and I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Pence explained that “it was a promise I made to the American people,” adding that “it was a promise I made to almighty God.”

“If you read Article II of the Constitution, which I recommend you very respectfully, Article II says once the states send their electoral votes to the Congress of the United States, the vice president, as president of the Senate, will preside over a joint session of Congress, and what it says is at that joint session the electoral votes shall be opened and shall be counted,” Pence added.

But Mike Pence was not the only one to face protesters.

A group of hecklers interrupted an event held by Ron DeSantis.

But unlike Mike Pence, DeSantis faced two left-wing hecklers at his event.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke Saturday at the Fair and also participated in the chat with Governor Reynolds.

But on Friday, DeSantis faced his own set of hecklers during an event he held at a large roadside rock painted for war veterans.

“Chanting ‘Ron DeFascist’ and ‘pudding fingers’ on a megaphone while ringing cowbells, two protesters effectively cut short the Florida governor’s first campaign stop of the day at a large roadside rock painted for war veterans,” POLITICO reported. “At the DeSantis event, Kara Ryan of Des Moines said she and her aunt, Heather Ryan, were there on behalf of a political action committee called ‘B*****s Get Stuff Done,’ that supports abortion rights.”

The two hecklers used their electronic microphones to drown out DeSantis’ speech to the veterans.

But Ron DeSantis dropped a truth bomb on the hecklers that had the crowd of veterans cheering.

Standing on stage with his wife Casey, DeSantis pointed out the two hecklers and said “people like that are what’s holding this country back.”

Ron DeSantis has thick skin after facing several years of nonstop attacks and smears from the left-wing media, Democrats, and RINOs.

The two hecklers in Iowa thought they could get under his skin.

But DeSantis embarrassed the hecklers and made them regret showing up at his event for veterans.

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