Washington, D.C. bureaucrats were terrified once they learned about DeSantis’ latest plan to undo their slimy structure 

Jan 9, 2024

In Washington, D.C., establishment politicians and government bureaucrats are obsessed with maintaining their power and control. 

But if DeSantis becomes America’s next president, all of that will change.

And once Washington, D.C. bureaucrats learned about DeSantis’ latest plan to drain the swamp for good, they were terrified.  

Florida leads the nation in slashing government waste

As Governor, DeSantis has demonstrated his commitment to limited government principles. 

He eliminated two government agencies without sacrificing on services. 

“We’ve cut taxes every year, yet we’ve run surpluses, and I’ve paid down 25 percent of our state’s total debt,” said DeSantis.

He continued, “Our population in Florida is millions more than the state of New York now, and yet our budget is half the size of New York’s state budget.”

“We have the lowest per capita number of state employees in the country, and yet when people move from New York to Florida, what do they say? ‘Oh, your services are so much better,’ ‘Your roads are so much better,’ ‘Your schools are better.’ So, we’re doing that at half the cost and with such a small bureaucratic footprint,” DeSantis added.

Cut the number of federal bureaucrats in half

If elected President of the United States, DeSantis wants to scale his Florida blueprint to a national level. 

“So much in the federal government is not essential,” DeSantis said.

He continued “You could cut the number of bureaucrats in half, and you would not miss a beat.” 

Of course, big government establishment politicians, in both parties, want to continue to tax, spend and expand government, not caring about the massive debt they are passing on to current and future generations.

But DeSantis has had enough of “politics as usual” in Washington D.C., and he has a plan to shake up the swamp for good. 

“We want to reduce the size of the bureaucracy through attrition, and layoffs and re-categorizing employees under different schedules; we’ve got a lot of different levers we are going to pull to do that,” DeSantis said.

“We are also going to fight Congress on spending money, I’ll veto bills if they are spending too much,” he added.

Narrow the scope of government

In addition to cutting the size of government, DeSantis wants to limit their ability to terrorize American citizens with regulations and mandates.

“When you have the EPA say ‘well if you have a puddle on your farm, then we can regulate that as waters of the U.S.,’ that is just a gross violation of the proper limits of the constitution,” DeSantis said.

“You should not have a bureaucracy be able to mandate electric vehicles,” DeSantis continued. 

And while every candidate vows to “limit the size of government”, DeSantis rightfully points out that no president since Ronald Regan has even tried.

“Since Ronald Reagan, we really haven’t had a president who has really tried to reduce the size of government or to reduce spending, that’s just the reality,” DeSantis said.

He continued, “I mean Bush 43, he created new government, The Department of Homeland Security. Trump obviously added a lot to the debt, and during COVID they were expanding government. So now is the time I think to have someone that is going to push back those tendencies in Washington.”

To see more of DeSantis’ epic interview, check out the clip below.

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