What Charlie Crist told reporters about Joe Biden’s angry speech will come back to haunt him down the road

Sep 7, 2022

Joe Biden dialed up the rhetoric last week when he accused Donald Trump and his supporters of threatening the very foundations of our Republic.

But Charlie Crist went one step further than Joe Biden.

And what Charlie Crist told reporters about Joe Biden’s angry speech will come back to haunt him down the road.

Joe Biden set off a political firestorm last Thursday during the “Soul of the Nation” address he delivered from Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.

“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic,” Biden raged.

Joe Biden used his entire speech to attack Donald Trump and anyone else who supports an America First agenda as enemies of the United States.

While many were horrified to hear the President of the United States threaten millions of his own citizens, Democrat Charlie Crist extended Joe Biden’s warning to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Charlie Crist recently secured the Democrat nomination to take on Ron DeSantis in November.

On Friday, Charlie Crist told a group of reporters in Miami that he thought Joe Biden delivered a “great speech” with strong implications for the Sunshine State.

“The guy’s telling the truth,” Crist told reporters about Joe Biden. “Democracy is at stake in this election, and the point of the spear is Florida,” Crist added.

Crist then repeated his usual attack against DeSantis by accusing him of being a “dictator.”

“I mean, we have an autocrat in Governor DeSantis, who would like to be a dictator of America,” Crist said. “He wants to run for President,” he continued, before adding “that’s crystal clear, I think, to everybody.”

Of course, Ron DeSantis has repeatedly denied he is planning to run for President and is instead focused solely on serving the people of Florida and getting re-elected in November.

Crist said Joe Biden was correct in calling conservatives a “real threat to democracy in our country.”

“What President Biden did was ring the alarm and say this is a real threat to democracy in our country in the future, and it’s hitting us right now, in these Midterm Elections,” Crist said.

Crist said Ron DeSantis was definitely one of the “MAGA Republicans” who Joe Biden was referring to during his angry speech.

“Clearly [DeSantis is] playing that card, and he’s kind of a mini-Trump and trying to out-Trump Trump, which is a challenge for him,” Crist said.

DeSantis is leading Crist in the polls and also crushing him in fundraising.

Charlie Crist was already facing an uphill battle to defeat Ron DeSantis this fall.

And defending Joe Biden calling 74 million Americans the greatest threat facing our nation will not help Crist gain any ground with voters.

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