What Jen Psaki said about Ron DeSantis will leave you red with rage

Feb 11, 2022

Several Democrat-led states are starting to pull back on mask mandates and other COVID restrictions.

Ron DeSantis called them out for it.

But what Jen Psaki said about Ron DeSantis will leave you red with rage.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was the one Republican who opposed Biden and Fauci’s COVID rules and mandates from the get-go.

DeSantis refused to impose economy-crushing lockdowns and kept schools open in Florida.

He banned mask and vaccine mandates, including making it illegal for local schools to force children to wear masks.

And DeSantis also promoted life-saving monoclonal antibodies as an effective early treatment against COVID.

Because of his refusal to follow any of Biden and Fauci’s COVID mandates, the Democrats and corporate-controlled media attempted to use Ron DeSantis as a political punching bag.

But each punch only made him stronger and more popular with Republican voters nationwide.

The latest attack came on Wednesday from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

A reporter asked Psaki why the Biden administration viciously attacked DeSantis for banning mask mandates yet said nothing about the “slew” of Democrat Governors who just announced they were easing mask and other COVID restrictions in their states.

“There is a distinct difference between standing in the way — which Ron DeSantis did, or Gov. DeSantis, I’ll give him his full title — of teachers, of school administrators, and others taking steps to protect the students in their school communities,” Psaki began.

“There is a difference between standing in the way of it, threatening to pull back funding, and allowing for local school districts to make choices, which is what a number of these states are doing,” Psaki continued.

Of course, Psaki is attempting to spin the decision by Democrat Governors to end the mandates and roll back COVID restrictions.

As Ron DeSantis pointed out earlier this week, the science hasn’t changed, as the Democrats are falsely claiming.

The only thing that changed for them was the “political science.”

That’s why DeSantis said that a handful of states are now lifting mask mandates in schools “as if somehow they’ve just had an epiphany.”

As DeSantis pointed out, Florida sought to “liberate” the children, and “we stood up to the Biden administration.”

And Jen Psaki’s outrageous comment only shows that Democrats are worried sick about the consequences of being labeled the Party of permanent mandates and restrictions this November.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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