What this Hispanic Democrat reportedly did to keep a black female Democrat from siding with Ron DeSantis will leave you in total disbelief

Nov 13, 2023

Far-left Democrats and their media allies love nothing more than to claim that anyone who dares disagree with their unhinged agenda is somehow “racist.”

Yet it’s only woke extremists who have the desire – and truly believe they have the moral superiority – to try to control exactly what various racial groups think, do, and say.

And what this Hispanic Democrat reportedly did to keep a black female Democrat from siding with Ron DeSantis will leave you in total disbelief.

Democrats have a major problem on their hands

For the overwhelming majority of America’s decades-long illegal immigration crisis, its negative impact on the country was exclusively shouldered by border states, like Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, as well as other states across the southern half of the U.S. that have seen the issues in border states slowly spread to their communities.

With illegal immigration mostly impacting parts of the country that typically lean more towards Republicans, the issue was pigeon-holed by Democrats and their media allies for years as solely a “Republican issue.”

They claimed Republicans only cared about illegal immigration because they are “racists” who somehow hate immigrants, despite most every American having immigrant ancestors.

But last year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott began transporting small numbers of the illegal aliens apprehended in their states to Democrat-controlled “sanctuary cities,” like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, giving Democrats in those cities a mere taste of the negative impact the crisis is having.

Now, many Democrats in supposed “sanctuary cities” are suddenly voicing their opposition to their own Party’s open borders agenda, even though they themselves have been championing such open borders madness for at least two decades.

And if you’ve been paying any attention at all, you’ll know that the last thing pro-open borders, woke extremist Democrats will tolerate is anyone who dares disagree with them.

As such, Democrats are apparently now actively assaulting one another for not holding the Party line on their open borders agenda, and seem destined to continue doing just that until all of the Party’s infighting and tensions boil over into an all-out Democrat civil war.

The Democrat Party is on the verge of a Civil War

At least, that’s the case in Democrat-controlled Chicago, where Democrat Alderman Carlos Rosa recently “put his hands on” Democrat Alderwoman Emma Mitts, a black female Democrat, in order to physically prevent her from entering the Council’s chambers to vote against legislation that would have expanded the city’s taxpayer-funded efforts to take in even more illegal aliens.

Black Lives Matter activist and two-time failed Chicago Democrat Mayoral candidate Ja’Mal Green wrote on X that Rosa “also did the same to Alderwoman [Nicole] Lee.”

Rosa was handpicked by Chicago Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson to serve in the ultra powerful position of Floor Leader due to the fact that he is the Council’s lone self-proclaimed “Democrat socialist,” and would gladly advance the woke extremist agenda on Johnson’s behalf.

To that end, Rosa made it his mission to advance Democrats’ open borders agenda, and simply couldn’t allow Alderwomen Mitts and Lee, or any other Democrats, to vote against the left-wing effort, so he forcibly blocked the entrance to the Council’s chambers in an attempt to keep them from voting on the measure at all.

The City Council’s black caucus responded to Rosa’s “actions of physical and verbal harassment” by demanding that he resign from his position as Floor Leader, and publicly admit his actions.

For his part, The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Rosa ultimately submitted his resignation, and will depart the position on December 1 in order to “allow time for an effective transition.”

In a statement, the disgraced Democrat Alderman said he “feels awful about everything that happened,” and “has reached out to my colleagues to apologize directly.”

But the damage is already done, and Rosa’s actions have only served to worsen relations between the black and Hispanic communities in Chicago, which a left-wing activist recently warned the City Council could inevitably devolve into a full-blown race war, primarily due to the illegal immigration crisis.

Chicago is a powder keg ready to blow thanks to Democrats

Zoey Lee, a black woke extremist activist in Chicago, recently chastised the Council for what she and many other black Chicagoians view as the “preferential treatment” Hispanic citizens and illegal aliens alike are receiving at the expense of black residents.

“What’s the point of being an alderperson if y’all aren’t going to be for the community,” Lee said as she directly lectured Chicago’s black Councilmembers.

“To come here and continue to see more Hispanics and Latinos get jobs than blacks here is a disrespect,” she added. “It’s a punch in the face.”

Lee also warned the Democrat-controlled Council that if they continue giving what she and other black citizens view as preferential treatment to Hispanic citizens and illegal aliens, “this place will flip red.”

“There’ll be a historical moment because you’re all not paying attention to them anyway,” she said of black Chicago voters, before adding that the City Council does more to serve illegal aliens than black Chicagoians.

Long story short, Chicago is on the verge of a major Democrat civil war that could ultimately pit black and Hispanic residents against one another in what activists are warning would be an all-out “race war.”

And it’s all because of Democrats’ open borders agenda and fascistic desire to force everyone to bend the knee to the woke extremist religious cult.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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