White House Press Secretary left fumbling for words when asked about Biden’s failed disaster response

Sep 5, 2023

Nothing tests a leader more than how they deal with natural disasters outside of their control.

And while Ron DeSantis responded swiftly to Hurricane Idalia . . . Joe Biden took a different approach as fires raged on in Hawaii.

And when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about Biden’s failed disaster response she was left fumbling for words.

Biden botched handling the Hawaii wildfires

It took Joe Biden more than a week to visit Hawaii after deadly wildfires ravaged the Aloha State.

Instead of helping Hawaiians and leading them through the crisis, he was enjoying a family vacation.

When he finally made it to Hawaii, in typical Biden fashion, he tried to “relate” to the destructive wildfire by talking about a minor electrical fire in his home that caused smoke . . .

. . . and a story about lightning striking his house where he almost lost his ‘67 Corvette, reported The Hawaii Tribune Herald.

Biden is tone deaf.

Yet his staff can’t face any criticism of their beloved leader.

Defending Biden is a full-time job

Karine Jean-Pierre is paid to defend Joe Biden.

But with all his gaffes and failed leadership style – it’s proven to be quite difficult.

When Jean-Pierre was challenged about Biden’s failed initial response to the Hawaii wildfire in comparison with Ron DeSantis’ swift action with Hurricane Idalia – she appeared annoyed.

Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre “Did you guys realize that the initial Hawaii wildfire response was not that good? Or is it just easier for people to get help from the White House when the president is not on vacation?”

Jean-Pierre visibly annoyed replied that she disagreed with the “premise” of the question and the way it was asked.

But then she went on to try and defend her boss while criticizing Doocy’s reporting.

“If you talk to, if you were to do your reporting and speak to the governor of Hawaii, the senators of Hawaii, the folks on the ground, they would say that the president reacted in record time when it came to dealing with the wildfires, when it came to dealing and making sure that they got everything that they need on the federal level to deal with what was going on the ground,” Jean-Pierre replied.

“So your question is, is wrong, is flawed in many, many ways. And I would advise you to go speak to the Governor and the local and state officials in Hawaii,” she continued.

Biden’s failed response speaks for itself

But the people of Hawaii paint a different picture.

When Biden did finally make it to Hawaii – he was met with protestors and angry residents.

Lahaina resident Jay Awan told the New York Post, “I don’t want him here. “He’s just coming to Maui to look good in front of the cameras.”

Hawaii resident Kristi Bowman told the New York Post about the lack of support at the federal level.

“We haven’t had federal support,” Bowman said.

“We’ve had local support, not federal,” she continued.

Perhaps Biden should take notes on how DeSantis managed Hurricane Idalia and learn from his Florida blueprint.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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