You’ll be jumping for joy when you see what Ron DeSantis did to woke college campuses

Jun 9, 2022

Campus radicals are out of control.

But Ron DeSantis is doing something about the social justice warrior mobs taking over universities.

And you’ll be jumping for joy when you see what Ron DeSantis did to woke college campuses.

College campuses are turning into ideological indoctrination factories.

Woke professors are bombarding students with Critical Race Theory, transgender ideology, and lessons on homosexuality and gender that have nothing to do with preparing students for the real world.

That’s why Ron DeSantis is supporting legislation giving more power over college curriculum to the state university system’s board of governors.

The Governor appoints 14 of the 17 members and the new legislation would ban Critical Race Theory and give the board more oversight over curriculum.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Another provision would have required the Board of Governors, which oversees state universities, and the State Board of Education, which oversees two-year colleges, to conduct new reviews of degree programs.

The governor appoints 14 of the 17 members of the Board of Governors and all seven members of the State Board of Education.

The draft bill also barred general education “curriculum that teaches identity politics, such as Critical Race Theory, or defines American history as contrary to the creation of a new nation based on universal principles stated in the Declaration of Independence.”

Governor DeSantis is also reforming the teacher tenure system, which DeSantis says allows radical activists to stay on forever once they achieve tenure.

“Higher education is important, but it needs to be accountable,” Governor DeSantis stated. “We need to have good curriculum. We need to make sure the faculty are held accountable and they just don’t have tenure forever without ways to hold them accountable or evaluate what they’re doing.”

Governor DeSantis signed legislation that would allow for post-tenure reviews every five years.

The cost of a college education continues to rise and parents are wondering what they are paying for.

Governor DeSantis wants to make sure colleges go back to basics where they are teaching students real skills and disciplines while avoiding the poison of woke anti-American ideology on race and gender.

Conservatives have long grumbled about the excesses of cultural Marxism on college campuses.

Now Ron DeSantis is doing something about it.

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