A boneheaded mistake with a burner phone ruined this Florida man’s bomb threat shoplifting ruse

Jun 18, 2024

Crime is surging in Joe Biden’s economy.

Criminals are cleverer than ever before.

But a boneheaded mistake with a burner phone ruined this Florida man’s bomb threat shoplifting ruse.

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a total disaster.

With inflation making it harder for families to make ends meet, crime is skyrocketing in cities and towns across the country.

In 2023, stores lost an estimated $121.6 billion to retail theft.

Food and beverage items represent 22% of all thefts.

“Whether for tomato sauce, olive oil, tea, sugar or ice cream, there’s a seemingly insatiable appetite to loot groceries,” Bloomberg reported earlier this year. “Years of rising prices have made everyday food and drink items a lucrative target for criminals.”

Some of the thefts involve copious quantities of food, such as the 10,000 Krispy Kreme donuts that were stolen last year in Australia.

“Criminals are using more sophisticated methods,” Bloomberg reported, before adding that “they include ransomware attacks, false pickups and pretending to be legitimate logistics companies.”

Dallas Britt, a 46-year-old Florida resident, recently devised a sophisticated scheme for stealing a shopping cart full of meat from a Publix’s grocery store in Brevard County.

On Saturday, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from a man, it was Britt, who claimed there was a bomb in the Publix bathroom.

“Somebody put a bomb in the bathroom, um, like the garbage can,” he told the police. “It’s ticking.”

Sheriff Wayne Ivey said they first thought he meant someone stunk up the bathroom.

“Dispatchers first suggested that the caller contact the public service desk for a clean-up on aisle nine, but soon realized that the caller meant a ticking bomb, not a stinky bomb,” Ivey said. 

Britt was leaving the store with his shopping cart full of stolen goods as deputies arrived on the scene.

The suspicious deputies asked to see Britt’s receipt, but he told them he was on the way to his car to grab his wallet.

Since there was a bomb threat, deputies allowed him to go on to his car.

However, they later pulled him over in a traffic stop to question him about the bomb threat.

Deputies decided to call the number that was used to call in the bomb threat.

When Britt’s flip phone suddenly started ringing, the police knew they had the right man.

“Deputies reviewed surveillance footage from Publix which shows Britt allegedly stealing the cart-full of meat, making a phone call at the same time the 911 call was made, and leaving the store without paying for the products,” Fox35 Orlando reported.

Police arrested Britt and locked him up in jail.

“Britt is now sitting in our less than accommodating jail where bombs get dropped every day in the open communal bathroom,” Sheriff Ivey added. 

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