George Soros just suffered a huge defeat that will have you jumping for joy

Aug 11, 2023

George Soros had one terrible plan to impose his radical policy agenda on America.

For the first time Soros is facing resistance.

George Soros just suffered a huge defeat that will have you jumping for joy.

Over the last decade, Soros realized he could get the most bang for his buck dumping money into local District Attorney races.

Unlike Congressional or Gubernatorial elections, other big money donors largely avoided these races and so Soros surgically selected prosecutor races in blue areas where a little bit of money could push a like-minded left-wing ideologue into the victor’s circle.

The people who enforce the laws are oftentimes more powerful than those who write the laws as Joe Biden is demonstrating through his weaponization of the justice system to target his political opponents.

Ninth Judicial Circuit State Attorney Monique Worrell of Florida was one of the prosecutors Soros helped win election in order to push the left-wing agenda of emptying prisons, attacking police, turning the justice system into another pressure point for leftists to squeeze to force their agenda on citizens.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis already showed he would not have any patience for this scheme.

Last year, DeSantis suspended Soros-backed prosecutor Andrew Warren after Warren refused to properly enforce Florida’s law banning transgender surgeries for minor children and protecting life from abortion.

In a statement announcing Worrell’s suspension, DeSantis cited Worrell allowing murders, drug traffickers and other dangerous criminals to roam the streets in pursuit of the Soros-soft-on-crime agenda.

“The practices and policies of her office have allowed murderers, other violent offenders, and dangerous drug traffickers to receive extremely reduced sentences and escape the full consequences of their criminal conduct. In some cases, these offenders have evaded incarceration altogether,” DeSantis’ statement read.

In response, Worrell turned to predictable Democrat Party talking points falsely claiming the governor was exercising his lawful authority – a court affirmed DeSantis’ ability to suspend prosecutors after Warren sued – as an attack on democracy.

“This is an outrage,” Worrell ranted. “Three years ago, I was elected by the people of the Ninth Judicial Circuit to lead this circuit.”

“And yes, to do things unconventionally, do to things differently,” Worrell raged. “But I didn’t hide, I didn’t say that I would do things and I didn’t do them. I didn’t say I wouldn’t do things and not did them.”

Worrell baselessly claimed DeSantis only suspended her as a Hail Mary play to reverse his presidential campaign fortunes.

“He needed to get back in the media in some positive way in a way that would be red meat for his base and he will have accomplished that today,” Worrell added. “He will be in the news nationally and internationally for the individual who has single handedly destroyed democracy in the state of Florida.”

But the only question was what took so long and why more GOP Governors aren’t doing the same thing across the country.

The final straw for DeSantis was Worrell allowing a suspect arrested on charges of committing a sex crime against a child out on bail.

This individual then allegedly shot and killed two police officers.

The real threat to democracy is the lawlessness and attacks on civil society that Soros prosecutors foster through their refusal to enforce the laws.

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