NFL QB Baker Mayfield stayed in Tampa because of this selling point about Florida

Mar 25, 2024

Free agency has kicked off in the National Football League (NFL).

That is leaving some big-name players with decisions to make about their futures.

And NFL QB Baker Mayfield stayed in Tampa because of this selling point about Florida.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield resurrected his career last season during his first year with the team.

The Heisman Trophy winner came into the league as the number one overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns.

After a productive rookie season with the Browns, things went downhill for him in Cleveland.

He was traded to the Carolina Panthers, where he was released midway through his first season, there and was picked up by the Los Angeles Rams late in the season as an emergency quarterback after starter Matthew Stafford was injured.

Baker Mayfield earns massive contract after comeback season

Mayfield signed a one-year contract before the 2023 season, where he had to fill the shoes of future Hall of Famer Tom Brady, who retired.

He turned in one of the best seasons of his career, earning a Pro Bowl nomination and leading the Buccaneers to an NFC South title and the divisional round of the playoffs.

Tampa Bay rewarded him with a new three-year contract that has a maximum value of $115 million, including $50 million guaranteed.

Tampa Bay general manager points out a benefit of living in Florida

Mayfield and Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht held a press conference after the new contract was signed.

A reporter asked the quarterback if he thought that he was leaving money on the table by signing with the Buccaneers.

Fellow free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins signed a $180 million deal with the Atlanta Falcons.

He said that he was willing to make sacrifices to help the team improve its roster after their loss to the Detroit Lions in the playoffs.

“Now, listen, this is life-changing money, and I’m not going to act otherwise. It’s something that I’ve worked extremely hard for over the years and many years of football. I’m grateful for it. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. There’s nothing to say, ‘Oh, well, he got more.’ It’s not that mentality,” Mayfield explained. 

“Knowing that we have a chance to bring back some key pieces and make a further run in the playoffs, that’s important to me. I’m a winner at heart, I hate losing, so knowing that we get a lot of guys back, and we can continue to build this for years to come, is a special thing,” Mayfield added.

Licht pointed out that he had an advantage over other free agent quarterbacks.

“No state taxes. I use that one a lot,” Licht said. 

“That’s a good point,” Mayfield replied.

Florida has no state income tax, which will keep a major chunk of his change from being confiscated by the government.

In California, where he finished the 2022 season, he would have had to pay a 12.3% income tax rate.

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