You will be amazed by how this Florida bartender earned upwards of $270,000 in 45 days by serving shots and slapping men in the face

Mar 22, 2024

More than 60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

Families across the country are struggling to make ends meet in Joe Biden’s economy.

But you will be amazed by how this Florida bartender earned upwards of $270,000 in 45 days by serving shots and slapping men in the face.

Florida’s beaches are packed each March and April with spring breakers from all across the nation.

Some bars and clubs in the popular spring break destination areas do the majority of their yearly business during the months of March and April.

One bartender in Fort Lauderdale found a way to make a big profit off the spring break crowd by providing them with a unique style of entertainment.

Aiyana Callas is a bartender in Fort Lauderdale during spring break.

She created an entire business around a shot of liquor followed by a pitcher of water on the head and a slap to the face.

Callas said she first came up with the idea last March while watching spring breakers go above and beyond to get an “Instagrammable moment” to post online along with a story to tell their friends about.

That is when she decided to create her own entertainment company called Hurricane Aiyana.

Callas does not work directly for any bar or establishment.

Instead, she works as a freelancer at Backyard where she purchases alcohol shots from the bar and resells them to customers.

“Her shot menu includes the traditional $30 hurricane, liquor choice up to the slapee, and upcharge variations where she spins, does a ‘Matrix’-style backbend or hits you with combination smacks,” Axios reported.

According to Callas, last spring break she worked from 8pm to 5am for 45 days in a row.

She charges $30 for her signature “slap shot” and sells up to 200 per night at Backyard in Fort Lauderdale.

Selling 200 shots at $30 each is $6,000 per night, and does not even include any tips she receives from the patrons at the bar.

If she did that for 45 days in a row, Callas would pull in more than $270,000.

But the customers think it is worth it and truly find it entertaining.

“They think it’s entertaining, they think it’s funny, they think that it’s an experience,” Callas said. “It’s really just all in good fun.”

Callas admitted to not really slapping customer’s as hard as she can.

“I am 100% a performer at best and I’m really good at making it look like I’m slapping them as hard as I can,” she told Axios. “But I am absolutely not slapping them as hard as I can.”

“At the end of the day these are kids and I’m always trying to keep them safe,” she added.

Callas only works as a bartender during the two months of spring break each year in Florida.

Her passion is sailing.

When she is not slapping customers and passing out shots in Fort Lauderdale, Callas lives on a sailboat and travels all around the world.

Her ultimate goal is to make a career on social media by documenting her sailboat travels and daily life on the water. 

“There’s no other way I’d rather live,” she said.

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