A driver in Florida left police stunned after his car ended up in this shocking location

Apr 5, 2024

Miami, Florida, is legendary for its wild party scene that runs into all hours of the night.

But a Florida man took things way too far after a night out on the town.

And a driver in Florida left police stunned after his car ended up in this shocking location.

Easter Sunday is supposed to be a time spent with family celebrating the important holy day.

But one Florida man spent the wildest night of his life getting arrested early that Sunday morning.

Florida man drives car off of a boardwalk

Yandeivy Chavez Dominguez, a 22-year-old, was arrested by police after he drove his Toyota Corolla into the ocean at a waterfront park in Miami Beach, Florida, around 7:00 am on Easter Sunday.

“Maybe it’s an Easter miracle,” eyewitness Andres Asion told WTVJ-TV News. “I realized the car landed in the water, so I called 911 right away and let them know where the car was and I was racing down here to see if anyone else was hurt, to jump in and save them.”

Asion raced down to the water and was prepared to jump in when he noticed that Dominguez was swimming back to land.

“It was noticeable he was not all there,” Asion added. “He was drunk, is my thought process. Thank God, he made it out alive and that he didn’t kill somebody because there are a lot of people that run and walk their dogs through here every single morning.”

Miami Beach police were waiting for Dominguez to give him a field sobriety test when he made it back to land.

He bombed the test after he was unable to stand on one leg and reportedly reeked of alcohol.

Dominguez was arrested by the police for drunk driving, and a breathalyzer test found that he was over twice the legal limit.

Fire-rescue personnel checked the vehicle, which was still visible in the shallow Atlantic Ocean, for any other passengers, but fortunately, Dominguez was driving solo.

Drunk driver mistakes boardwalk for a road

While Dominguez was soaking wet and being arrested by the police, Asion explained what went wrong for the suspected drunk driver.

“He thought that that was a road,” Asion said while pointing at the boardwalk. “Hauling a** down the boardwalk of the marina and flew over the barrier here and landed in the water. Crazy.”

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