Florida pit bulls destroyed something no one thought was possible in this attack

Apr 11, 2024

Pit bulls are among the most ferocious dogs roaming the earth.

The destruction they caused in one town was mistaken for a much larger predator.

And Florida pit bulls destroyed something no one thought was possible in this attack.

Pit bulls are the most polarizing dog breed in the country.

But there is no question that they have the capability of wreaking havoc when they set their mind to it.

And one Florida woman was stunned to discover the damage created.

Florida woman’s SUV torn apart in pit bull attack

Christie Barr was asleep over a weekend in her Jacksonville, Florida, home when it appeared that her car was vandalized in her driveway while she was asleep.

“I thought someone might have taken a BB gun and shot my car,” Barr said.

She called the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and they poured over security footage from that night.

They discovered that it was not a person who damaged her car but a pair of pit bulls.

Video footage showed the dogs chasing a neighborhood cat which hid under the SUV.

The pit bulls began trying to dismantle the car to try and get at the terrified feline.

Video shows them ripping parts of the bumper and the front fender off the vehicle in their frenzy.

Eventually, the cat was able to escape, but the dogs thought it was inside the SUV, so they continued to attack.

“On the video, you can see both of them tugging on it,” Barr told Inside Edition, “and they were tugging so hard that my car moved.

Barr said that the cat was able to escape unharmed from the encounter.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that had they gotten that cat, she wouldn’t be here today,” Barr said.

Insurance drops bombshell bill for pit bull attack on car

Barr’s insurance company towed her SUV off for a repair estimate, which came out to be $3,000.

None of her neighbors knew who the vicious pit bulls belonged to or if they were strays.

Barr said she reached out to animal control after the alarming incident.

No matter who the dogs belong to, she is concerned for the safety of her neighbors after the terrifying attack on her vehicle.

“If they can do that to metal on a car, they could tear a human being up. You need to take care of them. Don’t let them be out running the streets during the middle of the night,” Barr said.

Pit bulls in Florida are running on a different level by destroying a car to get to a cat.

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