A Florida education official dropped one bombshell that left Democrats seething with rage

May 16, 2024

Ron DeSantis has turned Florida into the education state by empowering parents and focusing on the basics.

He is providing a blueprint for the rest of the country to salvage government education.

And a Florida education official dropped one bombshell that left Democrats seething with rage.

Florida education commissioner outlines recommendations to fix schools

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has broken up the status quo in education in the Sunshine State.

He has expanded school choice, stood up for parental rights, and fought to get rid of woke indoctrination in the classroom.

Florida was the top state in the nation in the Parent Power Index by The Center for Education Reform, adding to the lengthy list of educational accolades for the state under DeSantis.

Florida Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. told Fox News Digital his state created a blueprint for expanding education freedom.

“I think you need to pursue aggressive policies to get our institutions back under mission. Students need to be in school learning and all of these other things, whether it be gender or ideology,” Diaz Jr. told Fox News Digital.

He added that other states had begun to copy Florida’s educational policies.

Diaz Jr. said that the focus in education needs to be getting back to the basics.

“All this noise needs to be removed from the schoolhouse, and we need to get back to the basics of teaching reading,” Diaz Jr. explained. “They need to learn how to read, so they can read to learn. And teaching math and getting the basics. Civics education has been incredibly important here in Florida. If you get the basics right, everything else starts to fall in line.”

The woke indoctrination like radical gender ideologies and Critical Race Theory is a distraction from the fundamentals.

“But you do have to filter through and make sure you get rid of the distractions that have been going on in these schools for so long,” Diaz Jr. added.

Teachers unions are an obstacle to education reform

Teachers unions have been fighting to preserve the status quo in the educational system every step of the way.

They do not want parents empowered or what’s best for students because pushing the woke agenda in the classroom is their top priority.

Diaz Jr. called teachers unions a “huge roadblock” to making progress on education because they “often have gone from worrying about teachers’ compensation, benefits, and work conditions to getting into these social issues.”

“What they should be worrying about is, how do we improve reading scores, how do we improve math scores, and how do we get our, you know, our teachers in the best working conditions?” Diaz Jr. asked.

The Center For Education Reform found that since 2021 there have been 26 laws passed nationally to give parents more power over their children’s education.

“One of the essential things that I think has driven the parental rights movement in Florida is actually COVID, because, while there were the underpinnings of this movement … you didn’t have enough parents paying attention, the minute the school temporarily came to their dining room, they realized what was going on in the classroom,” Diaz Jr. said.

The pandemic sparked a parental rights revolution that is remaking the educational system in the country.

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