Casey DeSantis just revealed her top priority for the remainder of her husband’s second term

Feb 16, 2024

Casey DeSantis won a battle against breast cancer in 2022.

But she is now on a mission to combat cancer and give hope to those suffering from the disease. 

And Casey DeSantis just revealed her top priority for the remainder of her husband’s second term.

Ron DeSantis has been married to his wife Casey for 15 years, and they have three children – Madison, Mason, and Mamie.

He has always made sure his wife, Casey, played a central role in his campaigns and in his administration.

Ron DeSantis refers to Casey as his “best friend,” and frequently showers her with praise for being “a great wife and a great mother.”

Casey is a former Emmy-Award winning television anchor.

She has always been passionate about child mental health issues, improving education, and helping out those in need.

But Ron DeSantis announced in October of 2021 that Casey had been diagnosed with breast cancer and would be taking chemotherapy treatments.

After five months of chemotherapy, Ron DeSantis informed the public in March of 2022 that his wife was officially cancer-free.

Casey’s battle ignited a passion within her to find a cure for cancer and help others who are fighting against the disease.

In 2022, Casey DeSantis held an event with her husband where she announced the state budget for funding cancer research would be $100 million.

At a press conference alongside her husband on Wednesday, February 14, Casey DeSantis announced awards for cancer innovation programs across the state.

“What causes [cancer], what can we do to communicate, so they can make the decisions to protect themselves and their families?” she said. “A lot of this is innovation.” 

“Are there barriers to entry?” she continued. “Are there a lot of red tape bureaucracy?”

She sent a message to those suffering from cancer to not give up because there is “hope.”

The current budget also has $232 million for cancer research, which includes $60 million for the Florida Cancer Innovation Fund. 

The budget also includes $127.5 million for the Casey DeSantis Cancer Research Program.

Ron DeSantis praised his wife’s hard work and said, “We are now on a path to bringing visibility to cancer recurrence rates in Florida.”

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