Joe Biden learned a humiliating truth when entering the Sunshine State

Apr 30, 2024

Joe Biden thinks Americans are in love with his economic and social policies.

But then he received the ultimate reality check. 

And now Joe Biden learned a humiliating truth when he entered the Sunshine State.

Out-of-touch Joe

Biden hoped his latest campaign stop in Florida would convince Floridians he is the man for the job.

But Biden’s radical woke policies and anti-life agenda are not wanted in Florida, and certainly do not represent the core of residents in the Sunshine State.

And while Biden brags about the “thriving economy” under Bidenomics, Floridians know Biden’s failed economic policies only cause harm. 

So, when Biden stepped foot in Florida to give yet another speech bashing conservative policies, he received the ultimate surprise.

A warm welcome from the Florida GOP

In a statement, Florida GOP Chairman Evan Power told Biden he should “be on a listen and learn mission to Florida” to discover Floridians “believe in parental rights, individual liberty, and school choice.”

“Floridians top issues are immigration, the economy, and inflation, in all three areas Joe Biden has failed,” Power said.

“Instead of coming to talk to Floridians about manufactured issues, he should get to work solving the real issues that he has failed to lead on. We also welcome him to learn from the successes that has made Florida a beacon of freedom for the rest of the Country,” Power continued.

Florida is DeSantis territory

At the end of the day, Floridians love Governor DeSantis.

He is their true conservative hero.

According to the Florida GOP, Florida has more than 1 million more registered Republicans than Democrats.

Floridians love freedom, not tyranny. 

Biden may surround himself with out-of-touch leftists in Washington, D.C., that tell him everything he wants to hear, but as he travels across the United States, he continues to get a dose of real America. 

While illegal aliens continue to roam across the border with Joe Biden lighting the path, DeSantis will not tolerate illegals infiltrating his state.

The safety of Floridians is one of DeSantis’ highest priorities.

Under his leadership, crime is down, and criminals have been put on notice that they will be prosecuted if they break the law.

And with Florida’s low crime rate and booming economy, Americans are leaving leftist strongholds like California and making the Sunshine State their new home.

Joe Biden’s days of terror are quickly coming to an end, and his administration is in a downright panic.

Americans want prosperity and freedom.

And if Biden did not learn that lesson in Florida, he will learn it on the campaign trail as his woke agenda continues to get rejected by voters.

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