Christians are celebrating after Ron DeSantis hit the Satanic Temple with five words of truth about religious freedom

Apr 22, 2024

America was founded on Christian values.

But a recent Pew Research Center survey found 80% of adults believe religion’s role in American life is shrinking.

But Christians are celebrating after Ron DeSantis hit the Satanic Temple with five words of truth about religious freedom.

Leftists know they cannot turn America into a socialist nation without first destroying religion and eradicating faith-based values from society.

Prayer is no longer allowed in many government schools across the country as part of the effort to completely remove religion from public life.

But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is fighting to reverse this trend.

On Thursday, DeSantis signed a bill that allows schools to create a volunteer chaplain program to help provide support services to students.

At a press conference, DeSantis pointed out the importance of religious liberty in a free society.

“It’s our view that if school districts want to bring in chaplains to offer voluntary services, that they’re within their rights to do so,” DeSantis said. “Students can receive this support from chaplains if their parents provide written consent for them to do so,” he continued. “So, if the parents aren’t interested in that, then the students don’t have to be involved in it by any means.”

The Bill of Rights guarantees Americans the freedom of religion.

But over the past few decades, the Left has tried to twist this into meaning freedom “from” religion.

“To exclude religious groups – that is discrimination!” DeSantis said. “You’re basically saying that God has no place?” he continued. “That’s wrong, that’s not what our Founding Fathers intended.”

“You have a right to come and offer these services – it’s totally voluntary,” he added.

However, DeSantis put the Satanic Temple on notice that Satanism is “not a religion.”

In recent years, the Satanic Temple has tried to exploit the Bill of Rights to push their anti-God views on society.

“We’re not playing those games here in Florida,” he said. “That is not a religion, that is not qualifying to be able to participate in this – so we’re going to be using common sense when it comes to this, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

DeSantis was referring to the Satanic Temple of America.

“You’re gonna have Satanists running around in all our schools?” DeSantis said. “Listen – we’re not playing those games in Florida.”

“That is not a religion,” he declared.

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