DeSantis’ DEI victories are gaining momentum around the country and leftists are terrified

Apr 30, 2024

Biden planned to cement his woke “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) policies into every institution across America. 

But conservatives like Ron DeSantis have ruined his plans. 

And as DeSantis’ DEI victories continue to gain momentum, leftists are terrified at what will happen next. 

Cracking down on racist DEI policies

Leftists believe a person should be hired solely based off the color of their skin.

Instead of considering a person’s merit or accomplishments, the woke Left mob believes that “white corporate environments” don’t allow minorities to succeed.

Of course, this is utterly false.

But in their liberal utopia, the Left claims DEI is necessary to “promote diversity” across organizations to provide “equal treatment” for everyone. 

DeSantis pledged to put an end to DEI policies in Florida, and he succeeded.

Thanks to his leadership, Florida banned public universities from spending resources on DEI programs.

The University of Florida was forced to remove their DEI program, which reallocated a whopping $5 million to a “faculty retirement fund,” The Independent Florida Alligator reported.

Other states are following DeSantis’ lead

While leftists lick their wounds and face defeat, other states continue to implement the same anti-woke policies. 

Florida’s Voice reported Texas banned DEI from public colleges and universities, and Utah also voted to ban “discriminatory” DEI programs.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a bill banning state funds from funding DEI programs and issued a warning shot to the Left.

“My administration has and will continue to value Alabama’s rich diversity, however, I refuse to allow a few bad actors on college campuses – or wherever else for that matter – to go under the acronym of DEI, using taxpayer funds, to push their liberal political movement counter to what the majority of Alabamians believe,” Ivey said in a public statement. 

And in North Dakota, state schools are banned from asking students or potential employees their “commitment” to DEI policies. 

“An institution under the control of the state board of higher education may not ask their ideological or political viewpoint of a student, job applicant, job candidate, or candidate for promotion or tenure,” read the North Dakota legislation.

And as a safeguard, the North Dakota legislation also added if individuals feel this section was violated, they could “pursue all equitable or legal remedies available in court.” 

America – where woke goes to die

DeSantis gained popularity for saying Florida is the state where “woke goes to die.”

But more states are using DeSantis’ playbook to rip the wokeness out of their own states.

Biden and his radical followers might think DEI is the way forward for America, but with the backlash of DEI policies across the country, they are about to learn real quick that America is where woke goes to die. 

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