Casey DeSantis is backing the blue with one move that Democrats are going to hate

Apr 15, 2024

Florida is a law-and-order state under the leadership of Ron DeSantis.

His administration is going out of its way to make sure the police have the support they need.

Now Casey DeSantis is backing the blue with one move that Democrats are going to hate.

Under Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, crime in the Sunshine State is at a 50-year low.

Meanwhile, many blue states are in the middle of a crime wave not seen in decades.

Supporting police officers who keep the streets safe has been a top priority of the DeSantis administration.

Casey DeSantis created Hope in Florida

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis helped create the Hope Florida Fund to help communities in the Sunshine State.

Instead of throwing more taxpayer money at a problem, Hope Florida uses private donations to fund a variety of charities that help Floridians in a program that is organized by the state government.

“We firmly believe that more government is not always the best solution to the problem. Instead, government is utilized as a meaningful connection point and then gets out of the way. Our partnerships with the private sector, faith-based communities, and nonprofits bridge the gap between Floridians in need and local community resources available to them,” the Hope Fund’s website states.

Casey DeSantis awards money to charities helping the police

Casey DeSantis traveled to central Florida to give $40,000 from the Hope Florida Fund to two charities helping law enforcement.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Community Foundation was awarded $20,000, and Central Florida Concerns of Police Survivors was given $20,000.

She also attended a de-escalation training session for officers from the Sanford Police Department at Decision Tactical.

The facility has training simulation so civilians can see the kind of split-second decisions that police officers must make while they are on the job.

“Law enforcement must make split-second decisions every day in the course of their duty,” DeSantis said. “It was great to better understand this process through the training facility at Decision Tactical. I am proud to award Hope Florida funds to nonprofits that support the loved ones of fallen officers and provide opportunities for mentorship between law enforcement and youth.”

The Florida First Lady sat down with the families of two fallen members of law enforcement during the trip.

“Thank you for your sacrifice,” DeSantis on X. “Our prayers remain with you and the families of all our fallen heroes in blue.”

Ron and Casey DeSantis are making sure that law enforcement knows that, in Florida, the government has their back.

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