Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is taking Joe Biden to court for this corrupt scheme

Apr 16, 2024

Joe Biden knows that he is in big trouble heading into the 2024 Election.

He tried to shred the Constitution to save his Presidency.

And Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is taking Joe Biden to court for this corrupt scheme.

President Joe Biden has a serious problem with younger voters, who are essential for his re-election campaign.

Polling shows that his support has slipped with them.

This low-turnout demographic has no enthusiasm to turn out for the unpopular 82-year-old President.

So, Biden is resorting to a good old-fashioned vote-buying scheme.

Biden launches another illegal student bailout

To try and juice youth turnout for the 2022 Midterm Election, Biden tried to unilaterally cancel student debt using a law passed after 9/11 for emergencies.

The Supreme Court smacked him down for trying to act without Congressional authorization.

Now that his re-election prospects seem dicey, he is trying again to cancel more student loan debt.

Biden ordered his Education Department to find new authority to eliminate debt for 30 million students.

He claimed that the Supreme Court’s previous decision on the matter was wrong.

Florida files a lawsuit to stop Biden’s illegal student loan scheme

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and a group of five other state attorneys general filed a lawsuit in federal court against Biden’s latest illegal scheme to cancel student loan debt.

“Last year, the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s illegal attempt to force Americans to pay off someone else’s debt,” Moody said in a press release. “Now, Biden thumbs his nose at the court like he has done with so many issues, including immigration, and does what he wants, trying again to mass-cancel student debt.”

Moody stood up for the people who are being forced to pick up the tab for someone else.

“We will fight in court to make sure that hard-working Americans, who are struggling to buy groceries thanks to Biden, are not on the hook for other people’s debt,” Moody added.

The lawsuit pointed out that Biden was trying to ignore Congress to make a major policy change.

“Yet again, the President is unilaterally trying to impose an extraordinarily expensive and controversial policy that he could not get through Congress,” the lawsuit read. “This latest attempt to sidestep the Constitution is only the most recent instance in a long but troubling pattern of the President relying on innocuous language from decades-old statutes to impose drastic, costly policy changes on the American people without their consent.”

Attorneys general from Arkansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Georgia are joining Moody on the case.

Joe Biden is willing to knowingly break the law in a desperate bid to save his re-election campaign.

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