Florida is on the verge of cracking down on this Frankenstein scheme by the Left

Mar 8, 2024

The Left’s crusade against climate change has some terrifying consequences.

The public is being asked to make one shocking sacrifice to cut carbon emissions. 

Now Florida is on the verge of cracking down on this Frankenstein scheme by the Left.

Last year, President Joe Biden’s Food and Drug Administration gave the green light for lab-grown meat to be sold in the country.

Lab-grown meat is created in giant vats from the cells of animals.

Its supporters claim that it is more humane and better for the environment than traditional methods of raising and slaughtering animals.

This Frankenfood is the latest attempt to get the public to sacrifice their standard of living to fight climate change.

Florida racing to become the first state to ban lab-grown meat

The Florida State Senate passed a bill that would make the Sunshine State the first in the country to ban lab-grown meat.

The bill’s sponsor, Republican State Senator Jay Collins, said that there is no evidence that lab-grown meat is currently safe for human consumption.

“We believe that our beef grows from a cow on the ground that eats grass, generates beef when we slaughter it. Same thing with pigs, same thing with chickens,” Collins said. “This (cultivated meat) is a product grown in the lab.”

The Biden administration claims that lab-grown meat is safe but no long-term studies on it have ever been conducted.

Florida Cattlemen’s Association Director of Field Services Dusty Holley said that lab-grown meat cannot be considered meat.

“This cultivated protein, we know it isn’t beef, we know it isn’t meat. Meat comes from an animal,” Holley said. “We’re not exactly sure what it is.”

The Big Tech investors in lab-grown meat are pressuring Florida not to ban it.

Ron DeSantis has no appetite for test tube meat

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is ready to sign the ban on lab-grown meat as soon as the bill hits his desk.

“They really want to go after agriculture, how they do. They blame agriculture for global warming,” DeSantis said. “You need meat, okay? We’re going to have meat in Florida. Like, we’re not going to have fake meat. Like, that doesn’t work.”

He said that it was another attempt to use climate change to control people’s lives.

“But there’s a whole ideological agenda that’s coming after, I think, a lot of important parts of our society. And, like Florida, we have a lot of agriculture. Florida also relies on reliable energy to power our electric grid, especially in the face of natural disasters. When Hurricane Ian came through, we got the lights back on because we had access to reliable energy. If we had to rely on windmills and solar panels, we would not have gotten the lights back on when we did,” DeSantis added.

The Left’s latest scheme in the fight against climate change is dead on arrival in Florida.

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