Florida lawmakers are delivering on one priority that had Casey DeSantis jumping for joy

Mar 7, 2024

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis turns heads when she gets involved in politics.

She weighed in on a topic that is close to her heart.

And Florida lawmakers are delivering on one priority that had Casey DeSantis jumping for joy.

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis faced the most difficult test of her life in 2021 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was able to win her battle with cancer, and she is fighting to make sure that others can too.

To advance research in the fight against cancer, DeSantis announced the Cancer Connect Collaborative as part of Florida’s Cancer Connect to improve the state’s approach to treating cancer in February 2023.

“Thanks to Governor DeSantis, government in Florida is working for people in practical, meaningful ways,” Casey DeSantis said at the time. “Today, that continues in the battle against cancer. The Cancer Connect Collaborative will analyze and rethink the way Florida approaches cancer research, diagnosis, and treatments — through incentivizing proven and promising approaches to cancer care while reducing the role of bureaucratic red tape and special interests. This collaborative will chart a course of action that will lead the nation and ultimately save lives.”

Florida lawmakers advancing cancer treatment bill supported by Casey DeSantis

The Florida Legislature is advancing a bill supported by Casey DeSantis, which will write her Cancer Connect Collaborative into state law.

Legislators will also allocate an additional $40 million to the Florida Cancer Innovation Fund, which was created last year.

The bill would establish a six-member panel to advise the Florida Department of Health on Florida Cancer Innovation Grant requests.

The Florida Surgeon General would chair the panel, while the Governor would appoint three members, and the House Speaker and Senate President would get one selection each.

The Governor would be required to pick a cancer survivor with one of his selections.

Republican State Rep. Sam Garrison said he was “happy” to see increased funding for cancer research.

“It’s a positive development for the state and a top priority for the First Lady so I am happy to see that,” Garrison said.

Ron and Casey DeSantis announce cancer grants

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his wife recently announced the first recipients of grants awarded by the Florida Cancer Innovation Fund.

“Funding innovation in cancer research and care has been a priority of this administration,” Ron DeSantis said. “Through our historic investments in the treatment of cancer, we are keeping Florida patients and clinicians at the forefront of the mission to fight back against this terrible disease.”

Improving access to breast cancer screenings in rural areas was the goal of one of the grant recipients. 

“Florida is unleashing the power of innovation against cancer,” Casey DeSantis said. “While technology improves at an exponential rate, it can take years for patients to get access to new treatments. With this funding, Florida is bolstering state-of-the-art research to detect and fight cancer.”

Florida is stepping up in the fight against cancer, thanks to the work of Casey DeSantis.

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