Law enforcement officers were shocked when they saw what was in this Florida man’s passenger seat

Apr 26, 2024

Police officers in Florida have seen it all.

But this criminal’s actions caught officers at the Florida City police station by surprise.

And law enforcement officers were shocked when they saw what was in this Florida man’s passenger seat.

Florida is home to some of America’s most beautiful beaches and popular vacation get-aways.

But the Sunshine State is also known for strange and outrageous acts of crime.

And that is exactly what happened recently at the Florida City police station in Miami-Dade County.

Alexander Roque, 48, shot and killed his girlfriend, 44-year-old Yessenia Rodriquez Marquez, inside of his SUV on Saturday.

Roque took photos of his dead girlfriend in the passenger’s seat and texted them to his cousin, then showed them to the victim’s estranged husband in a video call.

Most murderers try to cover up their crime to try and get away with it.

But Roque then drove to the Florida City police station with his dead girlfriend’s body still in the passenger seat of his SUV.

“The Florida City Police Department encountered a white Hyundai Tucson parked outside their station at around 11:18 p.m., with Roque surrendering to officers and disclosing the presence of a body and the murder weapon in the vehicle,” Shore News Network reported. “Paramedics discovered the victim, identified as 44-year-old Yesenia Rodriguez, deceased in the passenger seat, with the .38 revolver located under the driver’s seat.”

Police arrested Roque and charged him with second-degree murder.

“You killed the victim then driving around in the car with her and sending pictures of her lifeless body to people,” Judge Mindy S. Glazer said. “The state may charge it as a first-degree murder.”

Roque was seen on a doorbell camera knocking on one of his neighbor’s doors a few days before the killing took place.

According to the neighbor, Roque warned her that he would be playing very loud music.

“She said she found it odd but appreciated the notification,” WFLA reported, before adding that “another neighbor told the news station that Roque had tinted his home’s windows black so no one could see inside.”

The neighbors did not know Roque or his girlfriend but were shocked when told about the murder.

But they were not as shocked as police officers at the Florida City station that Saturday when he showed up with a corpse in the passenger seat.

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