Ron DeSantis signed one law that completely upended the gun control narrative

Mar 27, 2024

Ron DeSantis delivered a massive victory to expand gun rights in the Sunshine State.

The anti-gunners made outlandish claims about what would come next.

And Ron DeSantis signed one law that completely upended the gun control narrative.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a Constitutional Carry bill into law in 2023 that eliminated the requirement for a government permit to carry a weapon concealed.

Exercising constitutionally protected rights should never require a government permission slip.

The Wild West is coming to Florida

The anti-gun lobby opposed to Constitutional Carry hysterically claimed that it would lead to an increase in violence.

Removing the requirement for a concealed carry permit for gun owners would make Florida more dangerous, according to anti-gunners.

A concealed carry permit in Florida requires a gun owner to take a state-approved course in firearms safety.

And removing the concealed carry permit requirement would mean that gun owners would skip out on firearms safety courses, according to their argument.

The streets of Florida would be flooded with gun owners who do not have the first clue about safety.

When Florida Constitutional Carry went into effect, the exact opposite of what they predicted happened.

Safety classes and gun sales increase in Florida county after Constitutional Carry

Gun safety course sales by gun store owners increased in Manatee County, Florida, as sales picked up after Constitutional Carry went into effect.

“We get a lot of green people who have never shot before, who are 50 years or older, of families who want to train together, and we get a large amount of 20-something-year-olds,” Whisky Tango Firearms – gun store and safety training provider – owner Ian Cherry told Bay News 9.

Aaron Alexander told the outlet that he owns a gun to protect his family.

“Guns are not a deterrent; they are there to take down a threat,” Alexander said.

He said that he began learning about gun safety when he got his first gun at 18 years old.

“My uncle got me into guns. He took me out shooting when he was 13; the first gun I shot was his elephant gun. He had a smirk on his face the whole time I held it up to my shoulder, knowing it was going to kick like a mule,” Alexander added.

Now he is taking his only family, which includes his son and daughter, to the shooting range so they know how to use firearms properly and safely.

“I take my son and my daughter out and teach them and make it a family thing. It’s just a good way to be together,” Alexander explained.

He speculated that safety classes would decrease after Constitutional Carry passed and was surprised at the increase.

“It’s easier to carry now, they don’t have to go through the classes, they don’t have to get the permit, you have some people who are afraid, you got the wrong people who are going to be carrying now,” Alexander remarked.

Crime is down in Florida after Constitutional Carry and gun safety classes are on the rise in at least one county as more people exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

And the hoax promoted by the anti-gun lobby was shattered.

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