Anti-gun Democrats could learn a lesson from what one Florida woman did with a bottle of hot sauce

Mar 7, 2024

Anytime a shooting takes place, Democrats always jump at the chance to push legislation to ban guns and disarm law-abiding Americans.

But guns do not cause crime, criminals do.

That is why anti-gun Democrats could learn a lesson from what one Florida woman did with a bottle of hot sauce.

Democrats have been trying to gut the Second Amendment and ban all firearms in America for decades.

Since repealing the Second Amendment is too extreme to most Americans, Democrats have been slowly chipping away at the Second Amendment with regulations and restrictions on firearms and ammunition.

Without fail, Democrats respond to every shooting by blaming the problem on firearms and pushing gun control as the solution.

Ron DeSantis is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and fierce defender of gun rights.

DeSantis signed Constitutional Carry into law last year.

Under Constitutional Carry, law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry a concealed firearm without filling out any paperwork or obtaining a license.

If you are legal to own a gun, then you’re legal to carry it concealed in Florida.

That is because DeSantis understands that bad people, not guns, kill people 

If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words

On Tuesday, a Florida woman was arrested in Miami over a fight she had with a teenager.

“According to a Miami Police Department arrest report obtained by Fox News Digital, the female victim got into a verbal dispute with Tracy Lawson, 37, while the pair was celebrating a cousin’s birthday at Da Cave Miami on Tuesday,” Fox News reported. “Police said that the disagreement continued between the pair on the way home from the cocktail lounge.”

A brawl ensued once the two arrived at home and the victim challenged Lawson to a fight.

When the victim’s 15-year-old son attempted to break up the fight, Lawson grabbed a bottle of hot sauce and cracked him across the head with it.

The bottle left the teenager with a large facial cut.

Police said that the victim got up to check on her son, but Lawson “aggressively charged at her and slashed her in the face with the broken hot sauce bottle, causing a laceration to appear on her right cheek.”

She was charged on Wednesday with attempted aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor battery. 

Lawson is currently being held on an $8,500 bond.

Tracey Lawson could have killed the teenager with the bottle of hot sauce if she would have connected at the right spot on the head.

But no Democrats are calling for bans on bottles of hot sauce.

They know it is silly.

But replace the bottle with a firearm, and suddenly it becomes the object’s and not the individual’s fault.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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