One Florida man caught his sister by surprise by what he did to her with a piece of fried chicken

May 8, 2024

Most siblings are close and have a tight bond that lasts for a lifetime.

But sibling fights are also the most common form of family violence.

And one Florida man caught his sister by surprise by what he did to her with a piece of fried chicken.

Studies show that sibling relationships tend to be the longest-lasting bonds in people’s lives.

But even though most siblings are close with one another, they also get into a lot of quarrels and fights in their childhood and teenage years.

Research suggests that younger siblings fight around eight times per hour. 

Of course, sometimes the quarrels turn into full-blown fights, especially between brothers.

But a brother and sister in Florida recently got into a spat that landed one of them behind bars.

Khanye Edrayieze Medley, a 20-year-old, lives with his sister at her home in Clearwater, Florida.

On Monday, Medley was at home with his sister and had not eaten any food that day.

Since his sister had recently gone to Church’s Texas Chicken, she offered him a few pieces to eat when he mentioned that he was hungry.

But Medley responded in a way that his sister never expected.

After a verbal altercation took place, Medley snatched the bag of food from his sister’s hands and started throwing pieces of chicken at her.

One of the pieces of chicken struck her directly on the back and left “debris” all over her shoulders.

“The chicken was from a place called ‘Churches’, possibly meaning Church’s Texas Chicken, which has a location down the road from their residence, MSN reported. “One piece of the fried chicken struck the victim in the back and left debris of food on her shoulders.”

That is when she decided to call the police on her brother.

Once on the scene, the officers pulled Medley to the side and asked him about the incident.

He admitted to throwing two pieces of fried chicken at her. 

When asked why he would do such a thing, Medley told the police officers that “he had not eaten and did not want the piece of chicken the victim offered him, so he became upset.”

The officers took Medley into custody and charged him with domestic battery.

He was released from the Pinellas County Jail the following day on recognizance.

This is the second incident in one week that food has been used to commit domestic battery in Pinellas County.

A man recently went to jail for a road rage incident where he threw pasta out the window and struck the driver of the other car.

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