Ron DeSantis handed Donald Trump this secret weapon to turn 2024 upside down

May 9, 2024

Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump are back working together for the 2024 Election.

The Florida Governor handed the former President one value asset. 

And Ron DeSantis handed Donald Trump this secret weapon to turn 2024 upside down.

Donald Trump trying to close the money gap against Joe Biden

Democrats are waging lawfare against former President Donald Trump to try and land a criminal conviction that could change the direction of the 2024 Election.

One of the other intended effects of weaponizing the justice system against him is forcing him to burn resources defending himself in court.

President Joe Biden has opened a major fundraising edge over Trump.

At the start of April, Trump and the GOP had about $93 million cash on hand compared to $192 million for Biden and the Democrats.

Big Labor, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Hollywood are ready to pour limitless resources into Biden’s campaign to try and drag him over the finish line in November.

Money of course is not everything in a Presidential election.

In 2016, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outraised Trump by a margin of about two to one on her way to loss.

Trump’s fundraising is starting to pick up and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis could give it a shot in the arm.

DeSantis’ donor network could boost Trump campaign fundraising

DeSantis and Trump had a highly publicized private meeting in the Miami, Florida area that was put together by their mutual friend, a wealthy real estate mogul Steve Witkoff.

One of the topics reportedly discussed at the meeting was having Trump into the donor network that DeSantis built for his Presidential campaign.

DeSantis told his major donors at a thank you retreat that he is going to be fundraising for the top of the Republican ticket down to local school board races.

Oilfield services CEO Dan Eberhart was a backer of DeSantis’ Presidential campaign who has flipped back to supporting Trump.

“He’s going to fulfill his pledge to help the party,” Eberhart said. 

“I absolutely think Gov. DeSantis can help put together some decent money for Trump, and Trump needs the money,” Eberhart stated, adding DeSantis is “absolutely still a formidable machine. Who in the party has raised more money than DeSantis except for Trump?”

DeSantis raised more than $200 million for his 2022 re-election race for Governor, a national record.

He was able to convert that donor network to his Presidential campaign.

Dallas businessman Roy Bailey was one of three national finance chairs for DeSantis’ Presidential campaign and the national co-chairman of Trump’s joint fundraising with the Republican National Committee in 2020.

He said that the Florida meeting between the two GOP heavyweights should open doors for Trump in the donor community.

“It’s a great development and makes perfect sense for Trump, DeSantis, and all Republicans,” Bailey said. “Gov. DeSantis had a really strong volunteer finance team and if we could plug that in and help Trump then that’s what we need to do — and want to do. It’s important to all get together and row in the same direction.”

The Republican Party rowing in the same direction is unwelcome news for Democrats this November. 

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