Ron DeSantis gave Joe Biden a wake-up call about his out-of-control dog

Feb 26, 2024

White House staffers are being terrorized by Joe Biden’s German Shepherd.

The President failed in his responsibility as owner. 

And Ron DeSantis gave Joe Biden a wake-up call about his out-of-control dog.

The White House was rocked by another shocking report of one of President Joe Biden’s dogs running amok.

CNN obtained government records that revealed that Biden’s dog Commander, a German Shepherd, has attacked members of the Secret Service at least 24 times.

The situation has gotten so out of hand that Secret Service members must change how they carry out their duties to avoid being bitten.

“The recent dog bites have challenged us to adjust our operational tactics when Commander is present – please give lots of room,” an unnamed Secret Service official on Biden’s protection detail wrote in a June 2023 email.

He warned other Secret Service agents they “must be creative to ensure our own personal safety.”

The Bidens got Commander when he was a puppy in December 2021 but now, they have sent him to live with other members of their family because they cannot control him.

The records CNN obtained from the Secret Service do not include attacks on other White House workers. 

The news comes after Biden’s other German Shepherd, Major, was removed from the White House for similar attacks to be replaced by Commander. 

The hundreds of staffers at the White House had to live in terror of being attacked by one of Biden’s dogs.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his family recently adopted a dog named Liberty from a local animal shelter.

He weighed in on the controversy surrounding Biden’s dog during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

DeSantis said that Biden failed as owner because he did not give the dog enough attention resulting in it acting out.

“You’ve got to care for the dog and I think maybe what happened was this dog was just window dressing and they probably weren’t giving it the type of attention [it needed],” DeSantis said. “So, it kept acting out.”

The DeSantis Family’s dog Liberty, has had no known attacks at the Governor’s mansion.

“So, you know, I can just tell you this, you’d rather be a dog at the Florida Governor’s mansion than at the Biden White House,” DeSantis added.

Biden’s dog is likely neglected and startled by the constant activity of people moving in and out of the White House.

The situation is tragic for the people who work at the White House and for Biden’s German Shepherds who were failed by their owner.

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