No one ever expected to hear Ron DeSantis express gratitude and appreciation for the Florida Democratic Party

Mar 28, 2024

Florida was the biggest swing state in the country when Ron DeSantis entered the Governor’s Mansion in January of 2019.

DeSantis then led the GOP to the largest advantage in voter registration in four decades.

But no one ever expected to hear Ron DeSantis express gratitude and appreciation for the Florida Democratic Party.

From Purple to Solid Red

When Ron DeSantis was first elected Governor, Democrats held a massive advantage over Republicans in voter registration numbers.

According to official data, Democrats had 300,000 more registered voters in Florida when DeSantis took office in 2019.

But DeSantis’ leadership helped move Florida from the swing state category over to a solid red state.

Today, Republicans hold a super majority in the State Legislature and enjoy a massive advantage over Democrats in voter registration numbers.

“Republicans now hold the biggest advantage in voter registration either major party has held in almost four decades,” the Tallahassee Democrat reported. “State elections data through last month shows the GOP has just surpassed a major milestone,” the newspaper continued. “The party’s 851,417-voter lead marks the biggest gap between the parties in Florida since Democrats dominated by more than 854,000 votes in 1988.”

“The gulf could make Florida an afterthought in this year’s presidential contest,” the Tallahassee Democrat concluded.

The GOP and Democrat primaries took place on Tuesday in Florida.

Democrat Presidential Primary Canceled

Former Commissioner of Agriculture and current state Democrat Party Chair Nikki Fried canceled the Presidential Primary because officials claimed Biden had no legitimate opponent.

However, Fried’s decision resulted in lower turnout and unexpected defeats for Democrats on Tuesday.

At a press conference in Miami Beach, DeSantis thanked Fried for canceling the Presidential Primary and ridiculed her decision.

“The Florida Democratic Party is like the best opposition party we could ever ask for,” DeSantis said. “They canceled their Presidential Primary because they feared Biden may get embarrassed by not getting a high enough percentage.”

“That totally tanked their turnout, and that gave Republicans the ability to win—like the Delray Beach mayor, which has not exactly been solid Republican territory,” he added.

In Delray Beach, Republican-backed Tom Carney defeated an incumbent Vice Mayor in a district that Joe Biden carried by 30 points in 2020.

DeSantis pointed out that these types of decisions are common for Democrats in Florida.

Under Nikki Fried’s direction, DeSantis said Democrats in Florida “have a real serious habit of just doing dumb things over and over again.”

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