This daycare teacher in South Florida instantly called the police when she discovered what one mother packed in her son’s lunchbox

Mar 28, 2024

It was supposed to be a normal day of lunch for the teachers and children at Jackson’s Daycare Center in South Florida.

But one lunchbox felt heavier than normal.

And this daycare teacher in South Florida instantly called the cops when she discovered what one mother packed in her son’s lunchbox.

Schools are no longer safe in America.

From shootings to gang violence to bullying to left-wing indoctrination, these days kids have a lot more to worry about at school than grades and test scores.

But one teacher in South Florida recently learned that danger can even be found at schools and daycares for young children.

It was lunchtime in South Florida, and teachers were getting the kids ready to eat just like they do each day at the daycare.

But on this day a teacher started screaming “GUN!” after opening up a child’s lunchbox and discovering a Glock 43.

Another teacher ran over and verified that it was indeed a handgun, and immediately called the local authorities.

Once police arrived on the scene, they called the child’s mother, 39-year-old Shanae Davis, to come up to the school for an emergency.

Once Davis arrived, police informed her that a teacher found a Glock 43 in her son’s lunchbox.

Apparently, it was just an honest mistake.

Davis told the cops that she usually keeps her pistol inside of the glove box, but she has been taking it inside each night because of a string of break-ins at her apartment complex.

While getting her two-year-old son ready for school, Davis claimed that she must have, without thinking, accidentally placed the gun inside the lunchbox to keep it safe from her child.

“She said that morning, while she was getting the child ready for school, she placed the gun inside the lunch box because she did not carry a purse and did not want the gun to be visible,” Fox35Orlando reported. “Davis told police she forgot to take the gun out of the lunch box.”

The owner of the school realized it was an honest mistake and refused to press charges on the mother.

But the police were not as forgiving as the daycare owner.

And Davis was arrested and booked into county jail on charges of child neglect and allowing a minor to obtain a firearm to take to school.

She made an honest mistake.

But it could have resulted in a major tragedy.

And law enforcement is making sure she learns her lesson and does not make this mistake again.

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