Joe Biden is going to have to face this painful political reality about Florida

Mar 27, 2024

The 2024 Election is looking increasingly grim for Joe Biden. 

He has some tough choices to make about his re-election campaign moving forward.

Now Joe Biden is going to have to face this painful political reality about Florida.

President Joe Biden was hoping to be able to go on the offensive in the 2024 Election by putting more states in play.

Instead, he is trailing former President Donald Trump in virtually every poll that has been released this year in the battleground states that will decide the election.

Biden thinks that he can flip Florida blue

Florida was the premier battleground state in the country for decades and its winner won the Presidency every election this century except for 2020.

The Sunshine State has been shifting to the right since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was first elected in 2018.

The increasingly red lean of Florida made Biden winning the state an uphill battle this fall but that did not stop him from boasting that he could do it.

“We have to organize, mobilize the vote. I think we can win Florida. I think the Democrats can win in Florida,” Biden said at a January high-dollar fundraiser in Jupiter, Florida.

Despite their recent setbacks, Florida Democrats echoed the same sentiment.

Biden Victory Fund deputy national finance chair Alexander Heckler told donors at a Miami fundraiser headlined by Biden that Democrats were going to make a play for the state.

“We are proud to again host President Biden in Miami,” Heckler said. “We are happy to send our continued financial support whether or not we send our 30 electoral college votes. But I am confident that Florida is still in play and that Democrats will invest here.”

Poll paints a grim picture for Biden’s chances in Florida

The reality is quickly setting in that Florida could already be lost for Democrats this election cycle.

A recent survey from St. Pete Polls found that Trump was leading Biden in the state by a 48% to 43% margin.

Even worse for the President, Trump has a double-digit advantage with Hispanics and voters aged 18-29

During the 2020 Election cycle when Trump won the state by more than three points, only a few polls had him leading in Florida.

And they all had him carrying the Sunshine State by less than three points.

This cycle he has had a steady lead in polling of Florida of 5 points or more.

Florida and its critical 30 Electoral Votes are looking increasingly out of reach for Joe Biden this fall.

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