Law enforcement officers were shocked when this Florida woman explained why she went on a solar eclipse shooting spree

Apr 11, 2024

Americans across the country went outside and looked up on Monday to witness the solar eclipse.

Millions of people traveled to areas located within the path of totality to witness the full eclipse.

And law enforcement officers were shocked when this Florida woman explained why she went on a solar eclipse shooting spree.

The media spent the past few weeks pushing wild conspiracy theories about the total solar eclipse that took place on Monday.

From warning of a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault line to an alien invasion to the Biblical rapture, there was no shortage of conspiracy theories in the lead up to Monday’s eclipse.

Of course, the eclipse happened as expected, but without any of the conspiracy theories taking place.

But some people still went haywire during the event.

22-year-old Georgia resident, Taylon Nichelle Celestine, traveled to Florida for the eclipse on what she claimed was a mission given to her by God.

When checking out of her hotel, Celestine told the staff at the front desk that she was about to embark on a shooting spree because that is what God allegedly directed her to do.

And, unfortunately, Celestine was not joking.

Not long after checking out of her hotel, Celestine shot two drivers on Interstate 10.

“Taylon Nichelle Celestine, 22, of Georgia, entered the highway in Bonifay – 115 miles (180km) from the Alabama border in the Florida panhandle region – and headed west,” The Guardian reported. “Within five miles (8km), she fired into a passing car several times, shattering windows and grazing the driver in the arm.”

But Celestine was not finished with her “God-directed” shooting spree.

She fired at another vehicle and hit the driver directly in the neck.

Fortunately, the shot was not fatal and the driver was treated at a local hospital.

After she had driven 16 more miles down the road, state troopers pulled her over and found an AR-15 rifle and a 9mm handgun.

Celestine was arrested and charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and improper discharge of a firearm.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Celestine claimed she was compelled to go on the shooting spree after being directed by “God” in light of the eclipse.

Authorities told Fox 35 Orlando that she even thought that “she was God” at the time of the shooting spree.

Millions of Americans enjoyed the solar eclipse on Monday.

But Celestine took “lunacy” to a whole new level with her shooting spree.

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