Ron DeSantis gave Joe Biden this devastating reality check after his trip to Florida

Apr 29, 2024

Joe Biden thinks he is in the driver’s seat for the 2024 Election.

He tried to flex his political muscle in the Sunshine State. 

And Ron DeSantis gave Joe Biden this devastating reality check after his trip to Florida. 

Joe Biden travels to Florida to push abortion

President Joe Biden cannot run on his record for re-election with the country in shambles from his failed policies.

So, he is leaning into abortion to attack Republicans.

Florida is home to the biggest battle in the country over the issue this fall.

Democrats got a constitutional amendment onto Florida’s ballot that will have voters decide if abortion-on-demand until birth should be enshrined in the state’s Constitution.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ heartbeat bill, which bans abortion after six weeks in most circumstances, is set to go into effect after a court battle. 

Biden traveled to the Sunshine State for a campaign event at a community college in the Tampa area, where he railed against the heartbeat bill.

“This extreme Florida law is going to impact 4 million women in the state,” Biden ranted. “Let’s be real clear. There’s one person responsible for this nightmare. And he’s acknowledged and he brags about it – Donald Trump.”

Biden boasted that voters in Florida would pass the abortion-on-demand amendment. 

“Since the Dobbs decision … states all over this country — from Ohio, Kansas, Michigan, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Virginia — women and men in every background voted in record numbers to protect reproductive freedom,” Biden raved. “This November, you can add Florida to that list.”

Unlike the other states where pro-abortion forces have been successful, a constitutional amendment needs to receive 60% of the vote to pass.

Ron DeSantis fires back at Biden after Florida visit

DeSantis told reporters at a press conference that Floridians are not buying the Biden agenda.

“I hear that Joe Biden is on his way to Florida this afternoon, and all I can say is this is a guy who has intentionally opened the borders of this country and caused great harm,” DeSantis said.

The Florida Governor predicted that voters in the state would help send Biden packing after the 2024 Election.

“His policies have caused families to suffer with higher prices and higher interest rates, and now he’s coming down to try to support a constitutional amendment that will mandate abortion up until the moment of birth, that will eliminate parental consent for minors, and that is written in a way that is intentionally designed to deceive voters,” DeSantis continued. “So, all I can tell you is Floridians are not buying what Joe Biden is selling, and in November, we’re going to play an instrumental role in sending him back to Delaware where he belongs.”

Polling shows that the abortion amendment is below the 60% threshold it needs to pass.

Voters in Florida will have a chance to stand up for life this fall and hand Joe Biden a brutal rejection.

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